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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/opam74zo6755s11/All I Want For Christmas RGB.lms?dl=0
  2. I have one but it's a bit old. 32-channels I believe, and a mega tree made out of plain old Christmas lights. :) I'll post it when I get home!
  3. Are those RGB lights in the Spiral? And what's generating those fire-work effects to the right? I really need to learn how to do a Spiral tree before 2016...I guess Jan 6th is as good a time to start as any! I like the random effect in the spirals around 1:55.
  4. I finally added some RGB (dumb, but RGB all the same) to my display this year, and a few rows of strobes--probably the coolest effect you can get for your money. Thanks to everyone on the forums who answered my questions on both topics. I also got a little aerial footage of my songs from a Parrot Bepob Drone. I did Wiz Khalifa's See You Again, ft. Charlie Puth this year, in honor of my wife, who passed away this May. I was just getting tired of hearing the song played out on the radio then, but it obviously took on a new meaning after May. I'm not sure if there's an award for "Most Peopl
  5. Nice, good job capturing the feel of the music! A lot of displays just sort of get the beat and then blink randomly from there. Party Rock was actually the first song I ever sequenced, when I had a meager 16-channel display. I might have to revisit it next year. I was happiest with how the "zipping" effect came out on the windows around 2:15. Man, that first "mega-tree" was pretty sad. I started learning about LoR in late Oct that year...so yeah...
  6. Thank you! That solves most of my issues with the tool. Thank you everyone else for your responses! I suppose it will go faster with time, it just felt like I was missing something obvious.
  7. Also, the fade tool seems to randomly fill to the end of a line, or swap the "directions" of the fade (e.g., I select Blue to Green, then it shows up Green to Blue when apply it to a cell).
  8. So far I've watched a few videos, setup my 8-dumb-RGB channels in the Sequence Editor, and done a lot of Googling, but I've yet to find a good answer. I've spent about an hour going through the first 10 second of an existing sequence. I know how to bring up the color fade tool, but is that really the only way to assign colors? It seems very inefficient that I need 10 clicks to make a channel "orange". Are there shortcuts or any other tips/tricks you can provide to speed things up?
  9. Ok, good point of reference. I'm planning on swapping in a mega tree made of "dumb-pixel" strands this year and a controller. That should free up 8 channels to spread the strobes and maybe a few more effects around the yard.
  10. Once you add in the cost of me breaking something, or getting frustrated and throwing the $129 controller, the price is just right. There's also the lost opportunity costs. I could be trading stocks or increasing market shares during the saved time!!! (Note: I don't remember most of Economics 101, but I think I'm in the right here.)
  11. Thanks for the help to date. For the record, the Wow Lights 100-light set is actual 4 x 25-light sets, but good to know you can get by with a fewer/smaller light strands. I guess each bulb goes a long way. So any strand of C9-lights, with the individual bulbs popped in will get the job done? Does it matter if the used C9 strings are incandescent or LED? Is there some rating you need to pay attention to, and/or do they just plug into a 16-channel LOR controller like anything else? This was my display from last year. I was thinking one 25-strand in the megatree (might swap it out with dum
  12. I see a set here: http://www.wowlights.com/ProductDetail.asp?Category=14&Product=267 But is $700 for 100 bulbs the best deal you can get (without assembly)? Is 100 strobe bulbs too much for a smaller house anyway? How many are in the average Mega Tree?
  13. I may have found the lazy way out. All 4 parts you mentioned, pre-assembled with pig-tails: http://store.creativelightingdisplays.com/CMB24D-RGB-DC-Controller-ReadyToGO-No-Assembly-CMB24D-RTG.htm Thanks for the tips again!
  14. Thanks for the help (I think I got my copy from you?) I used some of it in my display below:
  15. Could you elaborate? Are you saying you buy the individual bulbs from the sites above, and simply plug them into your old C9 strings?
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