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  1. On youtube, search for "Asylum 49 laser". That's how I've been using a laser setup (not quite the norm for laser use ). I can give more details if that's what you're looking for.
  2. Those Chauvet Geysers are impressive. I've used other fog machines, but I've never had one put out this much fog (requiring refilling of the reservoir more often). When the wind isn't blowing, they will cover the entire display, which is 30' tall. And with the LED base, it really adds to the effect. A definate "must have" for any of my future displays. AND.... I bought them locally (Guitar Center). No mail order. One other piece of info... I'm using "Froggy's Fog CO2 Blast Effect" http://www.froggysfog.com/c=xUNImf9elW3Wk8HVI9Uccgy7Y/category/10-fluid.10-fog.65-ds-co2-blast-effect/ I hav
  3. My 2013 "Asylum 49 Haunted House/Hospital" display for the attraction located in Tooele, UT. I only did 3 new shows this year (compared ot 5 last year), however, with the new "Smooth effects" feature of the SuperStar sequencer and the increased speed of the comm ports, the shows I feel are much better. I also did update some of last years shows (Enter Sandman, Lunatics have taken over the Asylum, Fire) with the new effects. BIG improvements. Some other changes, I upgraded the laser from the 700mw to 1000mw and upgraded the "lighted fog machines" (using the Chauvet Geyser... Where was this wh
  4. Results from the initial test are in. The CCR's are now working as expected and running at the new 500kb rate. I don't know for sure what was causing the problem, but the fix was to restore the laptop to factory settings and apply all the necessary updates and then install LOR S3 v3.10.x. The sequence editor is very smooth throughout the entire playback of the shows that have the SuperStar "Smooth Effects". The CCR's themselves, appear to be running as expected. It's daylight so I'm not seeing the full effects, but thye do look good (and I noticed a "non-working red pixel" in one of my stri
  5. This is off topic, however, When I do the copy/paste from a SuperStar exported sequence to my main S3 Sequence, even with a single CCR that has "smooth effects" in it, I will get a "The Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor has stopped working" error and the S3 Sequence editor closes. An easy workaround is that I copy the non-CCR effects FROM my main S3 Sequence and paste them into the SuperStar exported sequence and then making the exported sequence my main sequence. (I think the error is due to saving the old CCR information so that the changes can be Undone and not having enough memory to save the
  6. I'm having the same problem. I have 2 computers running 3.10.8 and one doesn't have any problems with the .mp3's while the other does. The same .mp3's on the "broken" computer worked with version 3.9.0. Is there any update to this? I can not get ANY mp3's to work with the 3.10.8 (even tried 3.10.6). The Audicity fix doesn't work. Doug
  7. I am using 3 USB485B adapters. One for a CTB16PC/DMX (standard connection) and the other two for the CCR (aux 1 & aux 2) with 6 CCRs per adapter. I've also downloaded the latest CCR firmware. I'm not so sure this is a network speed issue. Even when I select "none" for the AUX 1 & 2 Comm ports, I still get the "jumpy/freezing" Sequence editor screen when the timing-bar comes across any of the "Smooth effects". And this may not be a SuperStar sequence editor problem, but might be an S3 sequence editor problem (I can't do a normal "cut & paste" of the CCR sequence to combine an
  8. Using S3 v3.10, I'm using the SuperStar Sequencer's smooth effects, which looks to be an awesome feature to the SuperStar Sequencer, however, when trying to run a show, in S3, that was created with the SuperStar smooth effects, when the smooth effect start, it pretty much shuts downt the performance of the PC I'm using. The music still plays, but the display, when it does show, is very jumpy. Most of the times, however, there is no display. I'm using a the SuperStar against a 12 CCR configuration. Is there any minimum requirement to the PC that the "smooth effects" needs? When creating
  9. Thanks Brian. Sequence emailed. The _vis makes sense. I am using the visualizer. thanks, Doug
  10. Brian, I'm having the same problem. After upgrading to LOR S3 10.6 (which looks to have Superstar version, I could not export 6 of the 8 sequences I had created with the previous version (don't remember what it was). I found a link to a 10.7 version of SuperStar, and that allowed me to export 7 of the 8 sequences. Still having problems with 1. Also, I don't think I should be using the 10.7, since each time I bring up a SuperStar sequence, it appends '_vis' to the sequence name. Any suggestions on how to export these using the correct version of SuperStar? Thanks Doug
  11. 1. The pinkish noise is from the camera. I've noticed this in other recordings (not mine) when doing close-up laser image recordings. 2. Yes, I drew the skull. I wish I knew that I couldn't trigger ILDA animations using DMX then I might not have struggled so hard to make it work. :-). Triggering the animations via DMX may depend on the laser and/or the way it responds to DMX controls. I've only tried this with 2 different DMX laser interfaces, one internal to the laser (.lda industry standard format) and one External (.lds proprietary format). The external was, by far, the best to use. An
  12. It was just pointed out to me, that the picture of the installed light show indicates the laser as being 750w (watts). It was supposed to be 750mWatts (milliWatts). And, when looking up the laser specs again, it looks like it's actually a 700mWatts laser. And, as a side note to the laser, It also requires a different ILDA/DMX interface. The one that comes built-in the laser is very limited and not suitable for use in this type of a "portable" laser display.
  13. Here's the display I built for a haunted house, called Asylum 49 (http://asylum49.com), in Utah. The first "official" showing is tonight. Hoping all goes well. I'm pretty proud of this and wanted to say "Thanks" to all those who put up with my questions and rants from months ago. This is the "successful" results and turned out better than I expected. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to share the specs of the equipment used. The picture looks awfully small in this post. It can also be viewed here: http://extra-bold.co...edLayout001.jpg. The top of the chimney is approximately 45 feet u
  14. Yes! Let me add this. Creating the animation & syncing it to the the music is one thing. But just as important was the compliance issue. Since my show wasn't sending laser lights into thin air (It's being stopped by the wall), I don't need the FAA compliance. However, I do still need the FDA (FDA? Really? I didn't know lasers were classified as food or drugs ) safety features, which I don't have, yet. So, for those of you contemplanting the purchase of a laser, make sure it has the word "legal" tied to it, and to be extra sure, purchase from a U.S. manufacture. I didn't save muc
  15. Thought I'd give an update on the laser-quest. I was able to get the desired laser results I was after. Using the laser, LOR S3, LOR DMX controller and Pangolin’s laser control hardware/software, here’s what I finally came up with. http://extra-bold.com/asylum/SMLaser01.wmv This was the first “demo” I created few months ago. It’s been refined since then to look more “realistic”. This will be used for a haunted house in Utah (Asylum 49). I have a total of 5 different sequences and they consists of the laser animation, a 12 CCR display and some other DMX/LOR lighting effects. It is expected
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