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  1. Forgot to mention the sequences were made using S3 advanced
  2. Hi, I am having issues trying to open my 2014 LOR sequences. They ran fine in 2014 and we're saved on my son's PC and a thumb drive. My laptop died with my 2015 sequences ,(I forgot to back them up). When I try to load them I get the Error "unexpected save information found". Any ideas....?
  3. Pm sent I would like 2 if available can paypal now...
  4. Already did read my first post between the "s
  5. No the sequences were made with s3. 3.14 I think. I installed S4 Software the latest on the Lor Web site.I used the sequences with S3 last year so I know they worked.
  6. Hi , my laptop died but I had backed up my sequences to a zip drive. I purchased a new PC, installed Lor S4 and copied my sequences over to the Lor file where sequences are stored. When I try to open a sequence I get "unexpected save file information found" error . Any ideas?
  8. But where do I put the patch file?
  9. I would like to DL and install the 4G Patch. I have an older laptop which takes forever to save and load LOR sequences. Can anyone please explain how I can do this? Thanks
  10. an someone help me with this patch I would like to DL and install this. I do not know where it needs to be put. Thanks
  11. Excellent ! Thank you Tim you day man!!!!!
  12. Tim You mentioned tat the E682 has a dedicated 5vdc output, does that output put our 5vdc even if I am using 12vdc to power my controller and pixels? Thanks for all the great info.
  13. Hi, Well its the new year (hope everyone had a safe and Happy Christmas) and time to make some improvements . I would like to eliminate my LOR Dongle and run just E1.31. I ran E682 and some dumb controllers for my DMX this season and everything worked great. My only problem is that out in my garage where I had my computer it got so cold that the computer froze, so I had to bring it inside the house and run cables out the window. We had a warm up yesterday so I installed a weatherproof box outside and ran 2 Network outlets in it so all I have to do is plug inside and outside. I ordered a 6 port Bridge from Diyledexpress and would like to run my 2 LOR controllers Via E1.31. What I am unsure of is how do I set up the LOR controllers in Network Prefs. Also do I connect the Crossover cable to one of the Bridge ports to the 1st controller? this is what I think the wiring sold be. If I have something wrong please feel free to point that out ... Pc Ethernet port ---network switch--- E682-----Pixels ---6 port bridge---dumb DMX --- LOR controllers via crossover cable. Thanks for any input , John
  14. Are you getting the error code when you are trying to change the controllers start channel or its pre set sequence? I myself have had several issues with the programming cable and have gitten ro the point that I dont trust the HolidayCoro cable . I have had 3 of them replaced. And no matter what computer i use they keep failing. So now i have 20 3 channel coontrollers that I cant change the channel on.
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