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  1. If you are still sharing I would love a copy. Thank You in Advance. reefrus@gmail.com
  2. If you are still sharing may I get a copy. Thanks in Advance Reefrus@gmail.com
  3. I suspected TRIC was not for sure, I moved everything from that channel to a spare channel. Where can I get Triac from LOR. I can solder but will I will wait until end of season to repair. Thanks
  4. It is a CTB16PCG2 - U4. Not for sure what the U4 means. It has 2 fuses one for each set of 8 channels. All channels work with exception of channel 10. do not see or smell any scorched or hot spots, that channel was not over loaded. I checked output voltage and zero on that channel but all other channels the voltage is good.
  5. I have one channel on one of my controllers that has quit working. What do I need to check other than it has no power coming from it. All other channels on the controller are working.
  6. Loved it great video. I would love to have a copy if you are sharing. Thanks Reefrus@gmail.com
  7. James still sharing I would like to take a look. Thanks in Advance reefrus@gmail.com
  8. JR if you are still sharing I would love a copy. Thank you in advance reefrus@gmail.com
  9. Would love to have a copy. Thank You in Advance reefrus@gmail.com
  10. James if you are still sharing I would also like copies. Thanks in Advance Reefrus@gmail.com
  11. I would love a copy also, Thanks in Advance reefrus@gmail.com
  12. James, can I get a copy Thanks reefrus@gmail.com
  13. If you are still sharing I would love a copy. Thanks in advance Reefrus@gmail.com
  14. Yes Please Thanks James Reefrus@gmail.com
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