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  1. no - I can't save it I can only play it. I have an S2 license and I checked to make sure its still listed and the license # is still there. It's weird, I created (7) sequences for this year and changed them ten times and for some reason this morning it came up with that.
  2. I opened up a sequence to make a slight change and I tried copying and pasting something and this popped up: 'Data from an encrypted sequence cannot be copied except on the sequence's originating computer' I rebooted computer just in case and same message. The computer I pulled it up on is the original - I don't understand why it would be encrypted? If anyone has had this,please let me know. Thanks
  3. My problem is fixed - I called Lightorama and he gave me a suggestion and here is how I fixed it: I clicked edit, Preferences and went to display preferences - once there I clicked on Advanced OpenGl Settings. I changed the pixel format and started at the top of the list and on format #3 it changed my grid background to a darker color so I can see the white channels. Thanks to Lightorama for the help!
  4. I know - frustration is setting in because a Windows system is dictating and its very frustrating. I have been using LIghtorama for 6 years with almost zero problems until I have to change computers. I'm calling Lightorama today to see if they have any suggestions before I change all of my white settings. Thanks for your help
  5. JBullard wrote: JBullard - I thought of that but I don't think I should have to do that - we should be able to change the background color some way. I understand it may be the only way and if it is - ridiculous - WIndows7 sucks - I wish I had XP again Thanks for your input!
  6. Thank TJ but I changed everyone from white too gray and it didn't work
  7. I just purchased a new laptop since mine crashed and unfortunately it came with Windows 7 and I'm not familiar with it. Here is my issue - when I open sequences, the grid is the same color as all of my white channels, when I play the sequence I can't see any of the white channels. I opened up S2 under my family desktop and the background of the channel grid is a little blue but you can definitely see the white channels (XP Home version). Has anyone seen this, please let me know how I could fix. Thanks, Bill
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    Believe it or not I purchase SPT2 from Home Depot, Lowes, Menards and CLS and the Menards brand worked the best I purchased the C9 sockets (SPT2) from CLS & another vendor that I can't remember (All-American Christmas Something) and the CLS worked the best so far. I space them every 10' and run them wherever I need.
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    I have 75 CLS strobes (3-4 flash per second) and they worked just fine last year. JJ - you asked about 10 on one channel - actually I had 32 on one channel last year was my max and had no problems. Last year I had them upright on the ground in snow, hanging from tree's, mounted horizontally on 2x4's in the air and hanging 3' off the ground - zero problems with moisture. I have never purchased any other brand so I can't give you an opinion on those!
  10. JB actually the 4.5" spacing will look great with the smaller front yard. When my C9's move or chase at any speed they look really good, the only draw back is when I turn one color on at a time - it's not so bright - spacing is too far then. I used to have the 12" spacing with three colors which came out to be a bulb every 4" - very bright but used a lot of power. Good Luck!
  11. JB I made 4 channel C9 stringers, i used 36" spacing c9 sockets so there was a bulb every 9" - I lined my sidewalks and rooflines and when fast sequences came up - it look great. I used to use standard 12" spacing and I had a total of 675 C9's and the power draw was huge but very bright. I downsized a little and the effect is still there. Bill
  12. Hi everyone, This is probably a very basic question I just need help being pointed in the right direction. I have not used the animation portion of the sequence editor - ever, I was wondering how difficult it is too take a picture of my house and insert it into the animation window. I am hoping that it will help my sequencing go a little quicker. This is my 5th year with LOR and now at 160 channels, looking for a few ways to help the process. Bill
  13. Thanks Don - I was hoping to use the virual as a backup but not a big deal - it would be for programming only. I use the MP31602 to run my shows anyways. Thanks
  14. I have a PC with WindowsXP now and everything works great but the my PC time will be over soon and I will be switching to a MAC (Apple). Can I use the software in MAC form or do I have to switch operating systems and still use PC? I haven't purchased my MAC yet but it will be soon. Bill
  15. Tim - I have the same unit but here me out - I might repeat what you said but here is what I do and I'm using version 2.6.0: 1.) I delete all the files on the sd card 2.) Make sure your USB485B is plugged in 3.) Open Hardware Utility and click on MP3 tab 4.) Click 'Plays During Scheduled Time' and schedule Sun-Thurs. to come on and off from 5:49 - 9:30 pm and change days button 5.) Click 'Plays During scheduled Time' and schedule Fri-Sat. to come on and off from 5:40 - 10:15 pm and change days button 6.) I click loop through showlist continuously 7.) Then I add all the sequences to the list in order which is 43 minutes of static musical sequences and 17 minutes of show musical sequences 8.) I click create show 9.) Make sure show01 is listed and write to card *Now I tell you that because that is my process but make sure you set the time on the MP3 controller - I usually hook it up to my laptop and set current time and my controller is power all the time until January. I never use Simple Show Builder, I think the hardware utility is just as easy. It seems your unit is confused on when the start time is which maybe the clock or the scheduling. I hope this helps! Jack
  16. I have used these sequences already this year during tests - so I know they work meaning: I schedule (8) songs sequenced for a show and then another (14) for static until the next sequenced show begins that is a full 60 minutes total and it loops itself. Another test? Do you mean schedule another 8 minute show then take out card and re-install card to see if the next show starts? OR Schedule 1st show at 8:30-8:38 and 2nd show at 8:38-8:45 insert card at 8:37 to see if show starts at 8:38? Bill
  17. The test was unsuccessful, after the two songs at 8:38 it shuts off and blinks like it is waiting for next show to start but doesn't I guess a question for Light-o-rama Tech Support? Thanks, Bill
  18. I'm running another test now with show times of: 8:30-8:38 - show01 8:38-8:44 - show03 8:44-8:53 - show05 I will let you know
  19. I tested tonite and here is how I did it: I scheduled first show01 to run from 7:00-7:15 with approx. 18 minutes of music, then show02 run from 7:15-7:40 with approx. 24 minutes of music, then show03 run from 7:40-7:45 with 6 minutes of music It ran show01 on time and good and when the last song finished it shut off and the led were like this: Solid red, Blinking orange and solid green & 1602 led was solid red Thanks, Bill P.S. - i scheduled everything through the hardware utility MP3 tab
  20. I will test it out tonite and let you know - thanks for your help
  21. Does the Hardware utility allow me to set the times for show01? and show02 differently?
  22. I have the MP31602 Controller and here is my question: I run shows from 6:00 to 9:00 pm every night, the show consists of 41 minutes of static with music and a 19 minutes of a musical light show which equals one hour. The show loops itself three times until 9:00 pm, at that point I would like a second show to start and just run static lights with music until 10:00 or 10:30 pm. Is there a way to schedule it this way with two different shows? Thanks for your help
  23. Guys - silly question - I forgot how to upgrade firmware in controllers- is there a how to in this forum. Thanks for the help - I will write it down this time
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