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  1. Hey Sarge some nice floods are a good way to add a lot of color and light to the house without taking away from the Flag. Love the idea about the spot lights on the flags. Is your house the one that has the fence around the front yard?
  2. Could you send it my way as well? roach.dan@gmail.com
  3. Hey Sarge, Good job! I didn't know there was any other animated Halloween shows in the AV. Weve done one now for three years in Quartz Hill. Are you doing a Christmas show as well?
  4. Finally got up all the halloween stuff. Tested/replaced all the talking pumpkins/tombstones/floods/strobes. Actually remembered where I put everything in the yard etc etc. Last step put up the the Tune To 88.3 sign and plug it in to a timer....I can't find my sign anywhere. Checked all the boxes and the shed and nada. I hate to even think it but the only logical answer is someone stole it during my tear down of Christmas last year. I'm thinking of putting a sign out on the mailbox to see if one of the neighborhood kids has a heart. Looks like ply wood and spray paint this year.
  5. Thanks for the links and advice. Your spot on they are pricey in the states and to find what SHE wants on alibaba is a shot in the dark. The link you provided was for color changing ones and she is pretty set on them being the big ones like in your first link. I just dont want to drop a couple $1,000 on lights that I wont use for Christmas haha
  6. Ola everyone. My wife is a wedding coordinator and I have been brought in on numerous occasions to do lighting. No programming yet just wrapping trees and doing C9 overhead hangs. Problem is her new bride want's bistro lights from what I can tell these are the G40 or G50 bulbs. My wife not knowing much about lights said no problem. Well my problem is I have 30,000 LED C9's and no G anythings. She found some online but they were incadescent with glass bulbs or incadesent with plastic either way WAYYYYYYY too much power to be comfortable with the venue having the watts available to power the whole thing. Has anyone explored the event lighting side of things? If so how would you attack it planning wise without knowing power available? The last wedding I did was complete the day before and beautiful. Until they brought in a kegerator that was plugged into my same power source. Tripped the breaker and I had to run some last minute extension cords to get it going before the guest arrived. I can just imagine what I would have needed not using 100% warm white LED C'9's. Hope someone can help
  7. I would say most people use rope light. Much much much easier
  8. Why's the sky blue? Thats what I love about the show. I have NO idea whats going to happen
  9. Touching story Kenny. I hope my donation helps. The wife and I have been blessed with two little angels and I can't imagine life without them.
  10. It made me feel a little better My wife was in Vegas and I was in Tahoe this past weekend and I checked our usage when we were gone out of the house and Saturday was 8.54 thats just our two fridges and clocks around the house running for whole day. Does that seem high? That would be 264.74 kwh for the month and the month in question I racked up 1,500 doing something haha. O well it is what it is
  11. Smart meter went in October and yup everything has jumped since then. Last bill was 1,541 kw and ranged from .03 for tier 1 to .27 for tier 5. Ya tier 5 for 620 kw! I have no idea what would be running that would get it so high. Serious dilemma I'm using my kill a watt to check draw on some normal house hold appliances and nothing is crazy enough to equal that. We have 2 1500 watt portable stanley heaters that my wife probably left on here and there but even with them running 8 hours a day which is ridiculous the math doesn't add up. Solar panels might be a good idea this year. Do you find it hard to move around them to put up lights and fixtures? Also 4.6% price increase
  12. I wish it was the estimated amount it's the real deal. I seriously don't know why it would be so high. What's the average increase everyone sees for Christmas? Mine was about $150. The Jan-Feb bill was higher than Nov-Dec. How I don't know
  13. Just got my Dec 14-Jan 15 bill $300+ Jan 15-Feb 14 was $444. How in the world is 10,000 leds more than my 7500 inca's from the year prior and how is a month with no lights over $100 more? Is that even possible? I called SCE and they said it was cold and the heater fan uses electricity.C'mon more electricity that Christmas lights and almost the same Electricity of both my AC units running 20 hours a day in August? Sorry for the ramble had to vent somewhere
  14. How many red do you have? I will have to see how many orange I have
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