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  1. I had the same problem with MP3 files. Converted everything to a wave file and it runs perfect every time.
  2. Thanks Dan, that's the kind of information I was looking for. It makes it so much easier to wait for an update when you know something is being done, rather than no information for extended periods of time. Thanks again, and please, please keep us up to date. John
  3. Talk about silence ... this is the only thread with any activity about s3 since may 9th. That kind of silence speaks volumes about the interest in LOR!
  4. I do not understand ... LSP is having it's problems, but they are being addressed, HLS is getting updated almost daily, nutcracker has teamed up with xlights and is getting more powerful each week. Why do we not hear a word what LOR is planning? Speaking of Nutcracker, if it wasn't for it, I would have been switching to something else long ago. Seams to me if programs like Nutcracker and ItsMeBobo programs can be written and distributed for free, LOR should at least let us in on what they are planning, if anything. Without at least some hope of 64 bit, better universe/channel numbering/renumbering and easier rgb programing I will be forced to look elsewhere. Don't get me wrong, LOR has a lot going for it but needs some updating. Just some thoughts from an old LOR user that has converted to pixels. John
  5. If it's the strip I'm thinking of, it is a 150 led strip, but you control 3 led's at a time. in reality you have a 50 channel strip. Count the number of IC's on the strip (the square black pieces) and you should count only 50. One for every 3 led's
  6. My suggestion would be the following. Buy a LOR dc controller along with a 12 vdc power supply a small supply at first say around 5 amps. Also you can purchase a 1 meter string of 5050 rgb led strip on ebay for around $7. Play with that setup first and all kinds of ideas will come to mind. Also there are different kinds of "dumb" rgb strips. Some have color mixing (usually the 5050 type) and there are separate colors on the strip (usually 3528). I would get a 1 meter strip of each and see how they work. You won't spend a bunch of money to see just what each strip will do and you will get to know what each strip will do and how to program them. Have Fun
  7. Just my thoughts, but I would lean in the direction of LED lighting. It's more expensive in the short run, but it is the future of lighting and the new equipment coming on the market is amazing. Lots of luck on your show!
  8. Wow that's a lot of extension cords. I would suggest putting your controller as close to your display as possible as each connection on your extension cords is a possible problem.
  9. Thanks for all of the info. I watched it and just had to find some. I found a location on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121038785599 that had them for $12.50 each if you buy 10. Their store has a lot of options and they are here in the US so shipping is fast. I'll let you know when I get them if they are any good. Again thanks for the videos and all the information.
  10. It's the white tube. They make red and blue, but they are not as transparent as the white. Also I forgot to mention that once you seal the ends of the tube it makes it water tight, I have used a couple of strips that are not waterproof and have had no problems with them. I have my fingers crossed as these strips are cheaper and they are easier to slip into the tubes. If you want to make circles, you can connect the ends with CPVC fittings. They fit the pex fine and if you use the "T" fittings it gives you a way to get the wiring out of the circle.
  11. I have been using pex for all of my arches, and even for my straight runs. If you slide the strip in while the pex is curved, it will tend to stay straight down the pipe. I leave the tape on the back of the led strings so they don't stick to anything. For the arches above I send the lights pointing down, or to the inner side of the pipe. For the ones on ground level I point the led's upward. I've never had a problem of them twisting along the pipe. I also seal both ends with silicone just for a little more protection from weather. As for my straight runs, I secure each end of the strips with a dab of liquid nails. They will lay flat and not move. Hope this helps
  12. You can pick up the pex tubing at Home Depot. Don't worry about the lettering on the tubing, you wont notice it.:cool:
  13. Just a quick note: I have been putting my 5050 led strings into 1/2" pex or wizbow tubing. It is translucent and looks more like a neon tube. The nice part is you can bend it fairly sharp.
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