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  1. What controller are you using? If it's a sandevice, the new firmware has the option to dim the pixels by output. I run all my pixels at 50%, and they are still plenty bright. I assume you are running pixels here, as I don't know what star options HC has. -Mike
  2. That's exactly what I'll do then. Thanks, Jim. -Mike
  3. What version of the LOR software do you have? If you have the pixel editor in your package, it will do just what you need, and generic patterns are pretty easy to do. -MIke
  4. Thanks for all that info Jim, and it provides a clue. Yearsched.lsc is very short with an old halloween show, but weeksched.lsc contains text of the show that ran: (432300,2,(, 0,C:\LOR 2014\Sequences\new years.lss),431937) *partial of that file* The only other shows in the file are the ones currently used for this year's show. As you said, no date with the weeksched file, but it's there. If I delete weeksched, will the schedule editor rebuild it when I re-set up my schedule? My weekly schedule is very simple, so it not a large amount of work by any stretch. I'm glad to know where i
  5. That's probably a great idea, but how would I delete anything if I can't see it? Is there a text based file where the scheduler stores the data. I added a 4 minute show in the calendar, and you're right it didn't show. They only way I knew it was there was by scheduling another show were the time overlapped, and I got the conflict error. The only way I got rid of it was by using the revert button. Thanks for jumping in. -Mike
  6. I found my source for those chips: They are Texas Instrument chips SN74HC245N. I got them from Jameco, https://www.jameco.com/z/SN74HC245N-Texas-Instruments-Bus-Transceiver-Single-8-Channel-3-Straight-20-Pin-PDIP_251432.html . From Jameco they are only 35 cents per chip. From HC they are $4.99 per chip. The only hitch is that you need to order 10 from Jameco, but still way cheaper than HC. -Mike
  7. I had checked that already, and nothing there. I've never used the calendar schedule, so I'd really be surprised if it showed up there. Thanks though, Jim. -Mike
  8. I ran into something interesting the other night. I didn't find a similar issue using search, so here I am. I looked at my log one day, and I saw the usual at 10 pm... show entering shut down mode etc, followed by another show starting at 11:58 PM and ending at 12:04 am. That is in fact a short new years eve show (countdown) that I played last year (new years.lss). That show is most certainly not on my schedule for the current season. I checked with my security camera, and sure enough the lights were doing blinky-blinky at midnight. I had a few days worth of logs so I looked back and it hadn't
  9. That's not necessarily true. I do all my sequencing on a pretty decent desktop, then I use a robocopy batch file to copy everything to the laptop that runs the show. It's set up to mirror the desktop LOR directory, but the computer names are very different... works like a charm. -Mike
  10. Wow... total newbie and you are starting of with TEN controllers? Nothing like jumping in head first. I've had issues with the actual jack on the controller coming loose, so that could be what's going on with the 2 you can't see. A red light would be a symptom of that. Try wiggling the jack and see if the green light comes on or flickers. -Mike
  11. One of the utilities that comes with the software is called Network Preferences.
  12. How many controllers? Green light means it's on a network, but that doesn't mean it's not mis-configured. Remove all of your controllers except one and start from there. Once you see the first controller in the HU start adding others. -Mike
  13. Awesome. I'm glad it all worked out. -Mike
  14. If each output is ONE universe, set the pixel length to 170, and group size to 1. Those are the settings I have. AAMOF, I just figured out the group thing last night. I looked at my tree during the show and noticed everything was pushed up. After troubleshooting for a while, I changed group size to 1 and voila, everything looked perfect. As far as the 170 for pixel length, that's what Jim St John told me to do if I was doing one output for universe. It's not very intuitive, but it works. -Mike
  15. Yeah, the alphapix seems to be very fragile when it comes to those chips. I had an alphapix, and replacing those chips from HC got expensive with shipping and all. I finally did exactly what Jim said to do above, and got 8 or 10 at a fraction of what HC sells them for. Just get the part number off the chip and search online for it. It was a couple of years ago, so I don't remember which outfit I got them from. I sold the spares with the controller, otherwise I'd give them to you. FWIW, I've never blown an output chip on any of my sandevice controllers. --Mike
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