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  1. dougd wrote: LOR, there isn't a way right now, LightShow Pro supports them now.
  2. geronc wrote: I'm thinking to power 16 strands of 50 RGB's (GE Color effects) @ 5 volts you would need 50 amps. I think it's 3 amps per 50 RGB's. Does this sound about right? I'm looking for a power supply now & I have a enclosure on the way for the E681.
  3. geronc wrote: I am using the power supply that came with the lights. It does have test patterns built in to the board, so as soon as you plug it in, they should start working if everything was done correctly. I used LSP to test with. This is exactly what I've done, but with a full load of lights, the power supply will need to be bigger, is that correct?
  4. With the help of others, I've hacked my first string of G-35 Color Effects strand. I used the E681 Pixel controller & the demo version of Light Show Pro software. I am anxiously awaiting for LOR to use E1.31 protocol.
  5. RGB Pixel intro: http://sandevices.com/documents/pixel_intro.pdf
  6. I did my first light show this year with LOR S3 (software) and CTB16PC controller. I was pleased to watch a few cars sitting out front watching my show! I'm really hooked now! I only had roof icicle lights, 6 Xmas trees, 2 reindeer, a sleigh and 3 presents lit up. I think this is y I am pursuing RGB lights, to add more color with fewer strands.
  7. Also, I'm thinking only RGB LED's will you be able to control the effects such as fading from one color to another, I could be wrong though.
  8. Here is a link to some info on the E681 controller I've ordered to run my GE G-35 light strands. http://sandevices.com/downloads.html I've also considered changing to LightShowPro bc LOR S3 doesn't support the E1.31 protocol needed to run the board.
  9. No big deal usedcarguy, we r all here to help each other! I should have my E681 pixel controller sometime next week.
  10. What did you use to control out or did you use the supplies controller?
  11. I have been playing around with LightShowPro and you are able to choose protocols such as E1.31. The more I play around with it, the more I like it. I have purchased GE G-35 light strands and the E681 Pixel Controller (from Sandevices), which uses the E1.31 protocol, So I might have to change software if the addition of this protocol doesn't come soon.
  12. Well due to the pricing of the lights, I decided to wait until after Christmas to purchase the lights. I purchased 5 strands with 36 LEDS per strand for 200. All I need now is the E681, I guess.
  13. So has ne1 tried using the S3 software with the E681 Pixel controller to control the G-35 lights? Do you additionally need the iDMX1000 interface?
  14. Yes, that was what I wanted to know. I would like to control the color ratio's used. Thanks for the information.
  15. I was wondering if anyone could tell me just how well you can control these lights with the S3 software before I spend the extra cash to outline my home in these lights.
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