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  1. Sully has it I borrowed one from someone in the performance industry and they are tricky to get working with light o rama. thanks for the info all I will let you know what I end up with if it ends up working out.
  2. I have used Xlights for parts of my show in the past. X lights has it nailed down but it can be really confusing at times when programming cause they way the timing is broken down for the songs. One nice thing is its free as many ccr or pixles no licensing fees I would recommend donating if you do decide to switch over those guys do put a lot of eefort into training videos for everyone plus weekly videos on new products and updates. They have had a lot of updates over the last few months as well I thinks its due to the new types of lighting and how easy it is for everyone to do now. I don't t
  3. If you go on the light o rama website hit up the video tutorials for S5 some of them are bit tedious but it will give you a good understanding where to start and the basics when it comes to pixles and RGB dumb lighting and setting up your preview. it breaks down the starting point of the pixles or dumb RGB lights. not sure if you know but there is a big difference between pixles and RGB Dumb lights. basically pixles you control each individual bulb where dumb RGB the whole stran operates as a solid color.
  4. thankyou forgot I posted this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚that helps out a lot
  5. Merry Christmas all does anybody know of a good quality motion head spot light. I see several on amazon but don't appear to be useable outside. getting started for next year DMX networking here I come haha.
  6. May be lazy but hadn't seen anything that touched the subject. is there a way after setting up previewer to see the channels listed in order by unit number. when I changed everything over to S5 all my channels are now mixed up and the selection only gives a few options ( name, color, etc). there is not a selection to sort by unit number. I have never used visualizer or the preview in the past this is new to me been doing this for a while now just a little confused watched tutorials and went through some of the pdf stuff but figured someone here would know right off. thanks
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