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  1. Does the CCR strip cycle RBG color in reset/test mode? IE hold reset button in and apply power to CCR controller.
  2. No channels moved around. No computer changes, Same USB495B as last year. Macro accident can happen but I would suspect not on both computers. I am completely perplexed by this problem.
  3. Long winded but diagnosed as well as possible Have 2 CCR arches and 3 -16 channel controllers. 3 controllers seem to behave properly. Both CCR's nothing. Exact same setup as last year. Have 5 extra CCR systems not in use yet. Swapped all items out, CCR controllers, net cable, power supplies, and ribbons. Same results on show computer and programming computer both of which have same sequence that worked last year. Did not copy sequences at all this year. 3 CCR controllers produce no lights on ribbons, 4 CCR controllers produce lights on only 1/2 of the ribbon. All controller
  4. Looking for someone in the Cincinnati area that is familiar with cutting and soldering CCR strips. These old eyes and shaky hands just not going to get the job done. Willing to compensate for time. Have soldering station etc. Now looking at this for 2016 season but would like to get started soon. Have the CCR's for house roof outline but of course roofline does not come in convenient 16 foot lengths so need to do some modifying. Modifications will consist of cutting a strip and adding a length of wire in the cut.
  5. Having the same issue but sometimes bugs can slip through the system so no problem. Will wait for the patch/fix FYI - running Win 7 Home Premium SP1
  6. I have a new lighting element in the designing stage. Until Christmas 2012 I need to keep the design quiet. I would like to email someone the rough concept and get an idea if it's even possible using CCR's and current S3 Advanced /wSS. /cross fingers that LOR can do this
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