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  1. We'll it has happened......My show has gone permanently dark. As my display grew each year, the setup time just became to much. So I decided to sell if I could unload it ALL at one time, no piece by piece,no shipping, no hoping checks are good,....just take it all and I will make you a hellofa good deal. Word of mouth found a buyer and a deal was made and now both cars fit in the garage! This has been the best hobby I've ever had. I learned a lot and enjoyed all the pleasure it brought to others, but I'm the kind of guy that jumps in with both feet and when I feel like I've done what I wanted,
  2. Oh.......I see what you did there.......... Well done George, really like the eight new trees at the front of the house......
  3. and mine..........http://www.youtube.com/user/Sparkylights
  4. I like the technical aspect of it, but it just doesn't feel like Christmas to me......
  5. Well done! Like the big candycanes, how were those done?....
  6. Great Job!.........thats a huge leaping light.........
  7. .......just wanted to let everyone know all my videos are up now. This probably should have been posted in Christmas Display, but I will just add to my first post. Back when I started in this hobby, (2004), I never thought It would grow to where I am now. It has been a blast all the way, but I've reached a point where the install just takes to long. So its time for a major change up for me. This will be the last year with this display design. I've been studing up on the DIY RGB stuff for quite awhile and I think thats where I'm headed. I'll redesign the whole display to have mostly "plug-n-pla
  8. Good Job!.......128 channels is a big first step, but you made it work well...........
  9. Looks Good!........like the light burst things, would like to know how those were made
  10. I liked it last year, but this years is by far the best! Those combo Mega trees are sweet.............
  11. Wow, thats a big bite for a newbie!,......but you made ii happen very well. Nice Job..........
  12. Lots going on there!.......I like it, good job William
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