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  1. Matt, Will this be recorded and added to the website? I have a commercial display that we are converting from S4 to S5 this year and we have three separate previews for the display. I will be at work so I won't be able to see it live. SPaschall
  2. Are you using S5 or S4 just a bit confused by the title of the thread and the software version in your info. SPaschall
  3. One thing you may try is to create lets say 4 motion rows and sub divide the prop into 4 sections then apply the effects into the section you wish to use. You can achieve this vertically or horizontally. SPaschall
  4. How do you have the prop setup in the preview, Are both setup up as the same stack? If not the motion effects will respond differently. SPaschall
  5. I don't think you can, You can only use one preview and I don't think you can attach two different intensity data's without them overwriting each other. SPaschall
  6. It shows ramps on all my programming, is it something you imported in? SPaschall
  7. Depends on what you are trying to achieve, if you are just using one strip you could use a closed line or a vertical matrix with only one strand. SPaschall
  8. You can also add motion effect rows that will separate the strings into sections. So if you want the string to be in 8 sections (great effect for an arch) right click on the prop, click on add/modify motion effect rows, then choose subdivide. SPaschall
  9. Don't know if this helps but when S5 was still in the Alpha stage we ran over 46,000 channels of pixels on a commercial job with no issues. Matt has done a great job with improving the performance since that time. Unless you really go all out with overloaded universes I think it will handle 99% of any residential display SPaschall
  10. Draw a string then in the bulbs section at the bottom use the drop down. It has two strobe types available. SPaschall
  11. Is the whole house set up as use preview? SPaschall
  12. Start Universe 2 at 1 and it would end at 261. Use the individual setup so it will allow you to put in the Universe start/end configuration SPaschall
  13. It does have it, at the top left look under sequence, go to the bottom where it says grid configuration, there you can export your channel configuration then import it to the next sequence. SPaschall
  14. You will have to upgrade to pro to use PE. SPaschall
  15. Another way that we do it is to use a .WAV file for sequencing then use the mp3 at the 128 bit rate for your show.You will never have issues with the .WAV file jumping around during sequencing. SPaschall
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