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  1. More info: When i say slow, I mean like 30-45 seconds for the sequence to load and start playing. I tried running sequence compressor and it said all 11 of my sequences were already compressed. I should have taken a screen shot, but the last time the player hung, when i looked at LOR control panel it was stuck on decaching sequences....
  2. I have some fairly big sequences (lots of pixel content) and sequences typically loaded slow the FIRST time the show would run, but then very fast. Now, since upgrading to the latest version, sequences are loading slow (and slowing down show) every time they load! Is there some step i missed to compress or otherwise correct this?
  3. Love these bins.... But I made a frustrating society last year: I bought a LOT from Lowes, Then saw them at Costco, and bought more. They looked identical.... But... They aren't.... And so the lids don't interchange and they don't stack perfectly.... Doh!
  4. Ohhhhh! My favorite theme! Can you share one more copy? Lowepg at gmail dot com
  5. I would also appreciate a copy. Thank you for sharing!!!!
  6. wmike, Thanks for the suggestion but the whole point was that I was specifically trying to avoid manually setting up the channel configuration. ;-)
  7. (Guiltily) I am NOT using tracks :-( So I barely understood your suggestion :-) - time to read up in between sequencing, soldering pixels to pigtails and pushing bullet nodes into coro :-)
  8. So, I've moved to a show that mixed with tradtional ac channels and pixel channels. Here's my dillema: I want to add in a few elements from my old show, but I've already spent hours working through the new configuration. If I try to use "import" - the channel config from the old sequence, its screws up all my existing channels. Example: I'm trying to import about 72 channels into my 1000+ (mostly rgb pixels) conguration. How can I do this?
  9. Hmmm. Just realized I'm running 4.12 and theres a new version! Ill update and see if it helps at all...
  10. How do you access this "smooth to fade" utility? ‚Äč I'm already freaking out about my XMAS show. I have Haloween sequences already at 1Gb. For XMAS, I'll have 8000 more rgb channels... my (newish) laptop already stops to a crawl now! I just paid for the S4 upgrade, but I'm worried about performance with all these (new) pixels in my show this year.... I really DONT want to try to port to FPP this late in the game!
  11. Yup- same problem I had. Then I made it twice as complicated to frame by incorporating the house across the street (another corner lot!). The ONLY choice was to utilize multiple angles.... see above. I tried using the drone ONLY and keep it moving around the lot, but that felt like TOO much movement and I wanted SOME static shots as well.
  12. btw- here's an example of what I was talking about.... this was with 5 cameras (3 stationary, one handheld, one drone)
  13. I tried this and the only catch for me is I like shooting video at dusk, but before its pitch black outside. This way you still can see the outline of the house and its not blindingly bright lights only. THAT screws up the plan to shoot at different times because the light changes :-(
  14. I know I'm in the minority here (and I'm not judging other people in ANY WAY) but for me, I don't care how popular a song is, if its not at least LOOSELY associated with XMAS or Winter, its not going in the show. Well, or Halloween I should include since I do a Halloween show as well. I know others enjoy going off-theme for a fun song but that just doesn't fit with my plans. So, for me, something like Frozen *could* work because, while not a xmas song per se, it certainly matches the winter theme.
  15. My concern is Frozen 2 will be released in late fall- too late to do anything cool with pixels, etc.
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