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  1. Would love a copy of the matrix, getting my last two songs for the year jkroha@gmail.com
  2. Would love a copy of the matrix, getting my last two songs for the year jkroha@gmail.com
  3. Would love a copy if its the original theme... (I messed up asking for the new theme because I cannot read :)) jkroha@gmail.com
  4. I am getting a error when trying to run a show on a schedule... the com listener shows show player error 10054, the control panel shows each song load then go to "Scheduled play is off" then immediately reset and restarts the schedule and trys the next song, until the monitor crashes. Same PC, updated to the newer 5.3.8 from a early 5 I used last year, same songs, same show, no clue but dead in the in water. Restored PC to what it was a month ago, uninstalled LOR and reinstalled, no luck. Songs play fine in sequencer, its why I did not notice a problem until tonight when I advertised the show would start... dolt....
  5. I did verify I only changed the universe on the alphapix, and that LOR only sees that universe's 17-32 or are at that IP address under the DMX/1.31 settings. I know they "work" because the one I remap works, its just the next one in line goes dead. Someone PMed me a interesting idea, that the 4 chip controller may be damaged and not able to handle all 4 outputs, but I tried mixing them into different groups without luck... I will let you know when I get more time tonight, I am going to change the 8 trees to outputs 9-16 all in order, (and my 4 arches on 5-8, avoiding the 1-4 chip) and see if that works. I have a new chip on order in case as well, I had no clue you could order them, it was like $3 bucks shipped.... Thanks for all the input so far!
  6. Not a bad idea to step back, and try a reset. Limiting the pixels per output in firmware I think does ... nothing? If LOr does not address them I am not sure if they care, or if its just a bit of network overhead reduction. Output 4 does not work in test mode, that one is really gone, its just weird that just moving the output universe starts this weird cascade effect. By memory, I thought LOR only sees universes, I say light up universe 22 pixel 1-100 this way, and it knows universe 22 is on a controller at this IP.... but does LOR know which output? Or does only firmware control that? I am not at the computer so I can probably answer that myself to be certain. Still not clear why the 4th would work (now physically on 16th) but suddenly 5 goes dead software wise. The joys of troubleshooting.... I have a week.
  7. I had my first ever port problem on a alphapix 15, output 4 will not work in test mode (changed fuse, no go, I think I shorted it in a rainstorm with a line break). I had spare outputs, so output 4 was set to universe 22, I simply set output 16 to universe 16, swapped the connection and it works.... but now output 5 is dead in the LOR playback... so like a fool I did not see a pattern, so swapped output 5 universe to output 13.... now output six is dead. These output work in test mode, its either LOR software or the internal firmware i suspect. I have the firmware set to one universe per output (1=19, 2-20, etc) and the number of bulbs, ala 100 or 50 depending. It is possible I have cut out a bulb or two form a early set of lights over the years if that matters, aka only 98 bulbs on output 1 even though I tell firmware/LOR there are 100.... but output 5 is a different universe anyway??? Any thoughts? I am at a loss, its a set of 8 brilliant bulb mini trees so I like having them all working for runs back and forth, etc. (I also run 4 pixel strips on 9-12)
  8. I have a mix of LOR PC16 controllers and pixel controllers, and have always left them powered 24/7 from about Oct 1-Jan 1st. The light show itself only runs from say 6pm-midnight.... Is this the norm? Or do people kill power to the control units until before the show? I could automate this with simple extension cord timers, just not sure if it is better to leave power on (I think of keeping them dry through waste heat, and reducing start/stop inrush failures) or kill power for 14 hours to extend the life of the unit (if it does extend life.... kind of my question). For some reason I never really questioned this before, but this year I had to add my first power injection, using some outdoor rates 12V supplies and it made me think about the fans running 24/7....
  9. Great, work, would love any and all! jkroha@gmail.com
  10. Would love a copy! jkroha@gmail.com
  11. Would love a copy as well, jkroha@gmail.com
  12. Would love a copy, jkroha@gmail.com
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