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  1. Is there a way to trigger an input to select a specific color on my landscaping/waterfall? I have multiple sequences which run all the lights Red, Blue, Multi (as in the picture), etc. The show starts up with Multi running as the animation. I was hoping to tell my Google home "waterfall blue" and it would trigger the input pup 1 and cycle to the blue sequence in jukebox mode. Then when I wanted to change the color green, Google home would trigger a relay for input 2 to do a "reset", say to the multi, and then trigger input 1 two times to go from Red, to Green. When I tried this tonight, the inputs ran correctly, but when input 1 was triggered after resetting with input 2, it didn't start over with red and then to green. It started where it left off with Blue and cycled purple, then to teal. Is there a way to get the inputs to start over with the list? Or is it only possible to continue where it left off, which will not allow me the pick a specific color with Google home? Thanks! Chris
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