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  1. Where are you injecting power?
  2. Just a random fact for you. If you have a second network card in your computer just for e1.31, remove the gateway address. You don't need it. It serves no purpose for e1.31 in this situation and depending on how your computer setup the nic, it could cause normal Internet functions on the computer to slow down because of routing issues. Just a FWIW.
  3. The e681 only allows 3 connections if you are using the web server. If you don't open or use the web server, you can use all 4 clusters. The 682 solves this issue.
  4. Try taking the router address or gateway address out of your network card. This should fix the issue.
  5. I got most of my 36 count GECE for $20 a box. I got about a dozen for $10. I would wait till after c-mas.
  6. I e-mailed him the other day and after a few days of waiting got the quote from the post above. I too would like a weekly update since he has our money on ship that is late.....
  7. Here are my pixels. I am going with the GE color effects. They are pretty cool. Everything is working really nice with the elor so far.
  8. I don't remember mine doing that when I tested. I will have to go back and double check now. Will let you guys know.
  9. I should have my GE lights going by the end of the week myself. Good times. Now I just need one more e681 to catch up with you William!
  10. Program looks pretty cool. Yes, Streaming ACN is E1.31.
  11. Uh huh. I can help break stuff too!
  12. I got lucky. They were selling them for $10 for the 32 strand lights. I picked up 13 for $10 and the rest for $20. Couldn't pass it up.
  13. This is nice. Give me something else to think about with my 32 strands of GE lights.
  14. geronc

    Tools Library

    Awesome. Thanks for putting this together.
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