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  1. no, I wish it was that easy. Mr. P was right, it was mosfet #8. I went back on the roof and took down the controller. Once I got it inside, I saw mosfet 8 was smoked. For this year, I swapped the controller with another cmb16 that I was only using 3 of the 5 dongles in that part of the show.
  2. update: I got the controller to control the other strands, but the middle strand is green constantly and during the show, as other colors are sent to the strand, it ends up displaying the wrong color. It is not the strand as no matter what strand I plug into that channel, it does the same thing. So I have 7/8/9 which is 1 dongle pushing out green to any strand plugged into it. Ideas?
  3. CMB16 5 dongles - 7/8/9 is pushing out green to the strand and nothing else works. Have tried a reset and during the reset, the same channels stayed green, it is like it didn't reset? Any ideas? rebooted PC, reset controller, it worked the other day no problem. I can see it in hardware so does that mean not a network issue? things dont change when the show is ran, other 4 dongles dont light up and this one stays green?
  4. I know, I have a ticket open and they are looking, I was just trying to cover as many avenues as possible. In reference to warranty, I got an email stating a 6 week turn around on repairs (totally understandable this time of year), except that puts me almost at xmas. Doesnt seem like a viable option so I need to buy and warranty after the holidays, then I'll have spares...
  5. I am awaiting on them to see if they have any. Figured I would hit both fronts since their website says they are out. I am hoping they keep some back from sales in the event people break out their lights at the beginning of the season and find they are broke. Hope!
  6. I have just found my CCB strand has 8 good bulbs and the rest are dimmed out. I need to purchase a replacement strand. Will anyone sell me a spare strand? Please! email me at sales@smpoint.com if you are able to assist. Thank you!
  7. great, go on and on. I tested the CCB's with multiple 6 ft cables before the season even started and they choked then. Read my CCB choke post and considering the CCB's were sold and the rest of the tech isn't coming out till now just before xmas that addresses the initial problem, not the cat cable....pretty sure my cat cables are the least likely of the problem. As stated, when the season is over I will start testing again inside when the display is down. Would bet the farm it will be the same...especially if they really are coming out with diff 485 to support this. Firmware, software, hardwa
  8. those links may help you in reference to problems with lags. I am a victim as well.
  9. well considering i have 3 CCB's, with 3 new cat5e (store bought cables) and all 3 are failing the same on separate networks, I find it unlikely there is a cable issue. After I take things down in a few weeks, I will test all of this inside my office.
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