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  1. Yes! It works great. You do have to use it in DMX mode, but it only affects how you set the ID for the LOR controller. No dongle needed!
  2. I don't have any video, but it was on sale at the summer sale; I got one, can't remember the price.
  3. They had a few new products at the Expo and said they should be released within a month. Maybe they are waiting for that product so it can be included in the summer sale.
  4. If you are using a PixCon controller you can use the showtime director, but it has to be the newest one. You could run it in LOR mode with the director.
  5. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Four-Conductor-Tap-MMF-p/729.htm This may work for you!
  6. I think it's all good information that anyone new to the hobby should know. And I like reading all the inout. I was just reading the original post and he can't even get the lights to come on. I would think that is more of a configuration problem rather than a power draw issue. Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I would think if he has it configured correctly in the setup the lights should light up even if they are not bright.
  7. I don't think this is solving the OP's problem! Good stuff to know but doesn't help him much.
  8. Could be the reason! Also I don't know about that power supply. I did use about 8 of the outputs on the PixCon with a variety of 2811 pixels and when I used the rectangular pixels 40 of them worked fine but when I when to 60 the last 20 where not as bright when white. All of them worked, just the colors where off!
  9. When I first connected some pixels to my PixCon I got the flash and then nothing! I had the pixels connected at the wrong end!
  10. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    I place my order (22/3 wire) with Ray on the 13th! It was just delivered. 3.5 days from China!
  11. I am! It should be easy for you Grinch.....
  12. This is the first post I've seen on these forums for Christmas Expo and it's about a month away!
  13. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    If they are regular lights and not pixels I would think that's possible.
  14. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    I already sent him a message, We'll see what happens. I have 500ft of 18/4 but hate wasting the extra wire. Still may use it if shipping is to much. I can get that for $55 delivered.
  15. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    Thanks! That worked! Saxon must of been on a mobile device.
  16. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    Thanks saxon, just what I was looking for. Where you able to get reduced shipping? I didn't see any way to contact Ray on the site!
  17. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    22/3, do you have a link for this? I find 2 and 4 but haven't found any 3!
  18. http://store.3glightingcreations.com/enclosure-accessories/ Mike at 3G makes some very good ones! Not cheap, but strong and durable!
  19. I've used diyledexpress and holiday coro power supplies without problems. You can fit the controller board and a power supply in the cableguard 1500 enclosure without problems.
  20. A CCR is 50 pixels, each pixel uses 3 channels, thus a CCR uses 150 channels, plus the 7 macro channels!
  21. Matt has some tutorials about the Pixel Editor. If you click on FAQ's - LOOK HERE, at the top of the page, one of the options is video tutorials.
  22. I actually placed 2 orders, and they shipped today! I didn't ask them to combine the orders, but they did without me asking! They also reduced the shipping cost since it is now only one order! Hats of to LOR................
  23. How far apart are your CCR's at the base of the Mega Tree? I have a 12 CCR tree and all the controllers are in a tote. I was able to have the base 12' wide and not use extentions.
  24. The only thing sold out is SPT wire, 8 minutes
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