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  1. Yes! It works great. You do have to use it in DMX mode, but it only affects how you set the ID for the LOR controller. No dongle needed!
  2. I don't have any video, but it was on sale at the summer sale; I got one, can't remember the price.
  3. They had a few new products at the Expo and said they should be released within a month. Maybe they are waiting for that product so it can be included in the summer sale.
  4. If you are using a PixCon controller you can use the showtime director, but it has to be the newest one. You could run it in LOR mode with the director.
  5. http://www.holidaycoro.com/Four-Conductor-Tap-MMF-p/729.htm This may work for you!
  6. I think it's all good information that anyone new to the hobby should know. And I like reading all the inout. I was just reading the original post and he can't even get the lights to come on. I would think that is more of a configuration problem rather than a power draw issue. Maybe I'm totally wrong, but I would think if he has it configured correctly in the setup the lights should light up even if they are not bright.
  7. I don't think this is solving the OP's problem! Good stuff to know but doesn't help him much.
  8. Could be the reason! Also I don't know about that power supply. I did use about 8 of the outputs on the PixCon with a variety of 2811 pixels and when I used the rectangular pixels 40 of them worked fine but when I when to 60 the last 20 where not as bright when white. All of them worked, just the colors where off!
  9. When I first connected some pixels to my PixCon I got the flash and then nothing! I had the pixels connected at the wrong end!
  10. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    I place my order (22/3 wire) with Ray on the 13th! It was just delivered. 3.5 days from China!
  11. I am! It should be easy for you Grinch.....
  12. This is the first post I've seen on these forums for Christmas Expo and it's about a month away!
  13. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    If they are regular lights and not pixels I would think that's possible.
  14. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    I already sent him a message, We'll see what happens. I have 500ft of 18/4 but hate wasting the extra wire. Still may use it if shipping is to much. I can get that for $55 delivered.
  15. larryk5

    SPT-1/2 Wire

    Thanks! That worked! Saxon must of been on a mobile device.
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