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  1. There is a thread about what and why where I wanted to basically give my LOR software away but couldn't.. That thread pretty much says what and why.. Not sure this thread is the place.. Sorry
  2. ha ha.. I just got around to figuring out that I have a LOT-O-STUFF that I won't use anymore.. these of course being among them.. Sold off all my E682, e6804s, and a bunch more.. Sold a bunch of my laser gear as well.
  3. Since I am no longer using the LOR software, I have had to find other ways of doing my wireless. These leaves me with many ELLs that have been working well for a few years. I am sure these are not the latest version.. I don't remember how many I have but I think it is about 6 of them. Make me a reasonable offer if you are interested.. I have no idea what shipping cost would be, please don't ask me as I don't have time to burn chasing what I can't control. My zip is 95624 and you are welcome to figure out shipping as best you can if that is a concern. If there is real interest, I will pull that bin down and take a look. Craig
  4. With the Golden One Center now doing concerts and events, the parking has gotten ridiculous (both $$ and spaces) and that RTP has become way too crowded at times. The new RTP is only a few minutes away, the parking is free, and we get our own meeting room. There is actually an event that night and the parking in the garage goes from $5 to $20 and the streets are full.
  5. Sacramento Lighting Hobbyist Meet & Greet September 16, 2017 - 6:00 til ?? * * * New Location * * * Round Table Pizza 3291 Truxel Rd Ste 24 Sacramento, CA 95833
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