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  1. Yes.. I can take them back out of storage if you want them.
  2. Hi Dick, I am pretty sure the resistor if the key factor in the voltage. According to the manual 50hz is OK.. I filled out a ticket but it dumped out when I went to save it. not sure why. Said couldn't safe draft, then disappeared. No way to check up on it.. I will try again
  3. Hi Dick, Yeah, in the other post I pretty much found that out and said they wouldn't work.. Sorry about that.. it is the resistor they put in as "Ghost Loads" so they would handle LEDs strings better. Simple resistor but would require them to be 4 times the power rating. It's a shame those resistors stopped G3 from field conversions.. but I understand why they did what they did. If I were going to use them on 240v I would just remove the resistors, but that's a bit of work since there are 16 of them in each controller. I don't mind keeping them. I still have 8 or 10 of them I hang on to just in case.. ha ha.. Keep lighting up your side of the world! Craig
  4. AAAhhhh.. the Ghost loads.. That is something I never thought about.. That means the G3 controllers are no longer field changeable to 240v unless you remove the resistors.. The wattage requirement would be 4x giving the same resistors.. Dick, I think they won't work after all for your side of the pond. Thanks Mr. P for putting that up there.. I completely overlooked those resistors..
  5. No, not sold.. put back up on the storage rack.. If you want to buy them both I will dig them back out.. but if you only need one, I probably would suggest finding it somewhere else. I wasn't really in a hurry to sell them.. but I will happy to if you need both. I don't know what the shipping cost would be, but it is what it is. If you commit to buying both I will figure it out, but would need your address. PM if you want to move forward. Craig
  6. Hi Dick! I am well and retired now a days.. how are you doing? They have jumpers for 240v. The power plug is not European style, but the controller would work it seems.
  7. I still see crazy priced on ebay.. just ridiculous.. But the Gen 3 controllers are still worth $150 used in good condition. They are fairly bulletproof and well built. $100 is a bit too cheap. Ready to go, which mine are, are still list at $260 and on sale $206... so they still hold good value.. and not everyone gets in on the once a year pricing.. I think they will always have a place.. but someone that had a lot of them is selling them off and that is flooding the market a bit but not with Gen3.. Others I have seen post them for sale but they only have a few posts, or as little as one post.. Not sure I would buy from them.. but someone might.. Anyway, I love the 120vac LED strings and I used these for several other things like animated props and even the valves for my snowman orchestra.. they always work
  8. I am thinking from what I have read around the web, there are a glut of these controllers out there with so many people going for pixels.. it's a shame, regular LED strings look great when used right.. and these controllers are built pretty well. I have used them for all kinds of 120vac stuff. I think I will just hang on to them. So they are no longer for sale..
  9. OK.. cool.. I posted it there.. not sure how to delete this tread..
  10. These were factory assembled. They are used but might have new PCB inside. Not sure which ones I replaced but all working just fine. $150 each plus shipping Admin, if this is in the wrong place please move or let me know where to repost. Thanks,  Craig
  11. New price. $80 each or $200 for all three
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