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  1. James, Please send me a copy sir. Big.trafficman@gmail.com Thanks, Jeff
  2. Hiya Jim, Yea that is the worst option to change all the sequences. So wish we could assign the 16 channels any way we need them. Now I have to replace the card to get that one channel back working. Thanks again, Jeff
  3. I have a channel that is locked on and I am running in dmx mode with spare channels on the controller. Is there a way to reassign the dmx channels on the PC16 controller? I hate to change the controller out because of one channel. Jeff
  4. No Sir. Thanks for all your help. Jeff
  5. Thanks Bob. I just tested and works great. Many they will increase the channel numbers per track.
  6. Bobo, Long time to talk to buddy. Thanks for the reply. Email me at big.trafficman@gmail.com Jeff
  7. Going to tools and clicking on Channel Configuration and getting an overflow error. Does anyone know why this is happening. Just started this weekend? I only use track 1 and it has 37755 channels. Thanks, Jeff
  8. I will be there with bells on....
  9. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80554399/Jesus.jpg
  10. Doug, I finally un-boxed the frames of Jesus and the flying Angel. As always they turned out great and thanks again for making my show even better Doug. Putting them together now and adding pixels to them... Sweet.... Jeff
  11. Team Holiday with Rock my house this year. Great Job men and keep up the hard work. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Love the new website you have created. Cheers guys. Jeff
  12. Amtrax, Mind sending me a copy of it please to Big.Trafficman@gmail.com Thanks, Jeff
  13. OMG.. Now you are into a full package deal? Team Holiday will make several shows brighter this year for sure... +1 Great Job and loved the sequence. Jeff
  14. Dude is there anything you and Team Holiday can't do. Those star's are going to be a hit and check your email as I need two of the big ones and two smaller ones for the show this year. Nice sequencing to... Jeff
  15. I guess so Buddy. Great job and keep it coming...
  16. Great Day Robert.. There will be a lot of Happy people when you post all that. Great Job and Loved the video's of them. Sweet...BTW who programmed it? I know you only do faces.. LOL Jeff
  17. Now you got me checking every hour.. LOL
  18. Haha. I hear Ya Robert.. Pleassssssssssssssssssse !!!! I dont like your challenge cause you wait to winter to collect..... LOL Jeff
  19. Robert, Hope to see some new sequences from you and the Team this year for Christmas. I need to find me a few for this years show. Have you been hiding? Any hints to what is coming? Maybe you need another Jeff Challenge.... LOL Jeff.
  20. Great Job Team Holiday... Time to start get ready for the show this year and this may have to be in it. Cheers.... Jeff
  21. Yep that was one cold morning with that ice bucket. I will never do that again but I knew with only two hours I would win. Haha.. Who's going to be the next one that falls for it. LOL Jeff
  22. The video on the roof turned out great in Person. Little Drummer Boy was a great hit and video is about a little over half way into the sequence.
  23. Brian, The extender has worked perfect and thanks for having it in SuperStar. Will you get to the point that it can stretch such as a 12 to a 16 string pixel tree? Jeff
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