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  1. It won't install without the website being online....at least I couldn't get it to install offline. If you zip up your aurora files and sent them to me, I could run the utility and send them back to you.
  2. Will not know until tomorrow. I'll load it as soon as my show ends in about 15 minutes. Will not know if the issue is fixed until 5pm tomorrow.
  3. Thanks Mike. Perfect. I will give this a try. Was getting to the point of having to reboot the machine a hour before the show just to make sure it actually would run.
  4. So you have all your files from Aurora sitting in a folder. Point the Source to that folder. You will need a second folder (already created) for the output. Point the destination to that folder. Hit the button and give it a few minutes. I had a folder with 15 minutes worth of show sequence...it took about 3 minutes or so. There isn't a whole lot of indication much is happening while it's crunching. If you are still having issues, you may want to contact the author...his e-mail address is on the site where you got the program from.
  5. Parallels is much better....you don't have to reboot the computer. Nice to have Windows running in it's own little window, or in coherence mode windows and Mac apps just live together in the same screen.
  6. Software update typically kicks off about 3AM unless you disabled it. Check Control Panels-->Administrative-->Services and turn off anything you don't need. Do a few, reboot, make sure everything still works. For a show computer, you need very very little in there. Also check your power settings....no sleeping on the job for the show computer! Other thing I recommend is get CCleaner. Use it to not only remove crap, from from the Tools section, you can get a pretty good handle on startup items (a lot area hidden, this gives a fairly safe front-end to edit the registry areas where th
  7. For basic, some folks have talked about using Zara Radio to do it. I have a method to use LOR directly, but it requires the advanced license (not basic)
  8. An ACx8 is referring to a D-Light (LOR clone) hardware that operates on AC power and offers 8 channels. So is an ACx16, a DCx16, and probably a few others. You should be able to use any controller that supports the LOR protocol. Well, now you should be able to support any controller that supports DMX as well since that is a standard protocol (LOR was a quasi proprietary protocol that was developed when computers couldn't handle the processing requirements for a huge number of DMZ channels and multiple DMX universes---no longer a limitation). There are a couple of other vendors out there th
  9. I would go for it...somehow I doubt we'll ever see it though.
  10. Your computer needs more memory. 256Mb running windows XP is pretty bad.
  11. I run in Parallels, no issues.
  12. Yes, I was playing with that today. Works out very nicely that way.
  13. On XP, I have found that if I open visulizer first, it actually causes my entire computer to hang...even the mouse...shoot even the caps lock key! However if I open sequencer, then visualizer, then it's good to go.
  14. Good idea! The intro sequence on the main show could be used to stop it! Unless you want it to stop at some other point, then you would need a separate show. Great enhancement to the idea.
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