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  1. Is their a viz file for the 16 CCR tree w/ RGB Star. I know their is the one with the 6ch white star. I got the CCP + during the sale it has 2 100 CCP strings. how do i convert the 6 ch to this if their is not a viz file.
  2. I am doing exactly what it says on the video on inserting a superstar sequence.
  3. I have S5 and while trying to insert SS in my sequence I keep getting "no date received from superstar"
  4. All the channels on the arches work fine with what I have programed. but when I add the CCR's to my program the arches do weird things. My CCR's are on circuit 5&6. also the arches are not even pluged into the network. The channel config says all 150 channels are on 5&6. It is really weird.
  5. I have 2 CCR's and the CMB24 to control my 8 RGB arch way's. I used Super Star to program the CCR's. When I play the sequence my RGB arches channel 1 and 16-24 start going. They are on the same network. CMB24 is #4 and my CCR's are 5&6. The only thing I have connected to my computer is my RGB arches.
  6. I sent 1 CCF and 2 heads back for repair and I also sent in 1 of my CCR's for repair on 10/11/2013. I know during the Holliday's It can take a while. I got my CCF back but missing 1 of my heads. I have no idea where my CCR went to. They received both of them on the same day. Has anybody else had this problem.
  7. I updated to 3.10.12 found unit red still lit on 1 head and just noticed half of 1 of my ccr's is staying lit. updated firmware and did a reset on ccr. still half lit. I also did a reset on the ccf.
  8. I got 1 CCF last year for Christmas hooked them up and they worked great. This year setting them up for Halloween and they don't work. I am using S3 I ran the HU so I could change the ID# and it tells me when I do a refresh found 1 unit 01 unknown device???. I have 2 16ch controllers and 2 CCR's have ID them all with 1 at a time with same cat5 and no problems but the CCF. When the CCF is plugged in one of the heads the red led come on very dim and the other head is off.
  9. Here are some pic of my CCF PVC Stand.
  10. I bought the EDM-LCD-CS-EP this year and it worked great.
  11. This was my firs year to use CCF's and I like them. Here is one of my songs. http://vimeo.com/56476147
  12. Here is one of my songs to my light show this year. I got the 2 CCF's for christmas so they were just added.
  13. I just got a CCF for christmas. What is the best way to program them? Does anybody have a quick programing sequence so I can see how to do it? I would like to know how to use the full RGB part of them with strobes?
  14. Here is one of the videos of my show. http://youtu.be/khGFGFvhh3Q
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