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  1. I have 2 Pixie 2's and the CMB24D on port 1. The Pixielink is hooked to a linksys router wired not wireless on a dedicated computer. I cant get my pixielink to run my lights on my CMB24D control in the sequencer, the Pixie2's work fine. All status led lights are steady. If I hit the text button Pixie2 controls do the test pattern, the CMB24D does nothing. If I change Port 1: DMX all status leds flash. Then I push the test button all status leds go solid and it does the test pattern.
  2. Is their a viz file for the 16 CCR tree w/ RGB Star. I know their is the one with the 6ch white star. I got the CCP + during the sale it has 2 100 CCP strings. how do i convert the 6 ch to this if their is not a viz file.
  3. I am doing exactly what it says on the video on inserting a superstar sequence.
  4. I have S5 and while trying to insert SS in my sequence I keep getting "no date received from superstar"
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