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  1. Perfect thank you. I got it now. A picture is worth a thousand words. Or video lol
  2. And this isn't a standard Ethernet crossover cable right? Do I make it crossover on both ends of the cable? Since the bridge outputs on pin 1 and 2 I just make a cable that has pin 1 and 2 go to pins 4 and 5 on the other end?
  3. I found that it out puts data + on pin 1 and data - on pin 2 and ground on 7. It can also do data - on 4 and data + on 5. So it looks like either way I've got to make a cable Thanks all. And convert all my channels to dmx in the network config utility correct?
  4. Ok. I will see if the specs are listed for the bridge. It's the one easydiyledexpress sells. I'm sure they have a pinout somewhere. Thanks!
  5. Hey all, Just want to see what cable requirements will be needed to go from my E1.31 bridge to my first LOR controller. Is it a standard ethernet cable or am I going to have to make a crossover cable etc? Thank you!
  6. Ok great thanks. I am putting in the help desk ticket now.
  7. Hey all, Long time LOR user, upgraded to 4.1.2 and seems something is a mess. I typically right click on the Control Panel and go to Network Preference. I briefly get loading network preferences, then an Error pops up - "Run-time Error 380" "Invalid Property Value" Where should I start? I have my USB485 plugged in to the PC but not connected to my network yet, but I don't remember ever having to have it connected in the past? Thanks for any help!
  8. Hmmm ok vegomatic seems like the ticket. I downloaded it earlier in the season but didn't get too far. May need to see if there is a tutorial or something.
  9. Hey all, I been messing with the LCC file and can't figure out if it's possible to just export a portion of my configuration file. I have my 2014 Halloween config and the pixels/DMX universes are setup as I need them, they will all carry over to my Christmas setup. I have my Christmas 2013 setup, in which I didn't have near as many pixels. Anyway to just export/bring over the pixel stuff from 2014 Halloween Config? If I just import 2014 Halloween it will overwrite everything, I don't want to change all my AC channels. May just have to start the 2013 Christmas from scratch on the DMX/P
  10. Thank you everyone! This is the Walt Disney world orchestra. The song is on iTunes and amazon. Just search Osborne lights winter wonderland.
  11. Oh and someone had asked which strips. It's these from Ray Wu - Not sure why its not letting me post a link, maybe it's disabled?
  12. Thanks everyone! This is my 3rd year synchronized, 2nd year sequencing. The first year I don't really count since I only had 16 channels and bought a few of the sequences online to dissect etc and learn how to sequence. The madness has carried on from there lol.
  13. Thanks everyone! The house outlines are just the basic 2811 flexible pixel strips. I got the from Ray Wu on AliExpress.
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