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  1. How can I get my new RGB star to work with my older sequences that had incandescent lights? Is there a way to convert them and how would I set up the channels?
  2. I am working on a Superstar Star using 4 50 count bullet pixels. Per instructions, star 1 is 20 pixels, star 2 is 30 pixels, star 3 is 40 pixels, star 4 is 50 pixels, and star 5 is 60 pixels. Using Pixel Editor, I have no problem assigning pixels to stars 1, 2, and 3. The problem I have is splitting the last 2 stars over 2 ports and assigning channels. Star 1 and 2 are all 50 from string 1. Star 3 uses the first 40 off string 2. I am having trouble getting them right for 3, 4, and 5.
  3. Found it! Started 2nd strings on 151 instead of default of 150. Thanks anyway.
  4. I cannot get the first 3 rgb bullet pixels to light on the 2nd 50 pixel strings on a pixie 2 I just bought at the grab sale. I can control all of the 1st 50 strands on both ports 1+2, and all but the 1st 3 bullet pixels on the 2nds. I tried various configurations like changing start numbers and options, but am lost. Thanks
  5. Thanks, that will make it a lot easier.
  6. I forgot the sup switches! Darn new fangled controllers! It is a Pixie 2 controller with 2 50 bullet pixels per port. Can this be sequenced using the Pixel Editor?
  7. I recently bought a pixie controller with 2- 50 bullet RGB strands. I bought 2 additional 50 strands and am going to purchase the Superstar RGB star kit. I assigned a new unit number to the controller and am able to test using the Hardware and the controller test button. But I can't seem to get the lights to work with superstar sequencer or the Pixie program????
  8. Got it. I couldn't get it to come up to add. Forgot to change source from musical to animation. Thanks.
  9. How do I add an animation sequence to play separately at the end of my musical sequences in my shows? Its a dedication page I only want to play after the last song and before it restarts the musical loop.
  10. Actually I created the props 2020 with the new prop added and saved it as 2020 props. I then took a sequence from last year and opened it in Pixel Editor and changed it to 2020 props and the 2019 prop work from last year was still there. I then copied the 2019 effects to the new 2020 prop and saved it, then saved intensity to the new sequence version for 2020. They all appear in the pixel track for PE Props. Wont be able to test it yet, but its showing up in it. Thanks for your help. Tom C.
  11. I have version 4.4.6 pro. Will I end up with a 2019 version and 2020 version on my sequence or will it update after I save intensity to just add the new prop? Thanks for your assistance.
  12. I have added a new prop to my show this year. Can I just add a new prop to my " 2019" prop file and then re-export it to the sequence file or What?
  13. I have added a new prop to my show this year. Can I just add a new prop to my " 2019" prop file and then re-export it to the sequence file or What?
  14. Is there a way to change the media file in a pixel editor sequence i already saved? I was doing Time Warp and didn't find out till I got to the end of the sequence and the song was too long!
  15. I re-downloaded LOR and found all my sequence files and shows were on my external hard drive and am downloading them now. It will take awhile, but will let you know how it comes out. Thanks again for all your help! Tom C.
  16. It says "H:\Docs" does not exist. Would you like to create it? I clicked yes, then got the message about moving all the files and said no.It says the folder can't be moved here and can't create folder for h docs. The system cannot find the path specified.
  17. Could I have downloaded the newer version of LOR into Dropbox by accident instead of directly into my documents?
  18. Ok, I found the sequences and SuperStar folder in documents and both have Dropbox in the path. Also I right clicked on them and went to properties and under general, both say read only under attributes. I tried clicking it off and hit apply and it goes away, but comes back each time I go back in it.
  19. I don't know if you remember me, its been a lot of years, but I'm the fireman (retired now) thats not real computer savvy. I right clicked on SSEdit.cfg, and went to advanced security settings. Its showing it was inherited from lightshow Dropbox. I didn't have any trouble i think till I started messing with Dropbox. And the folder path also shows Dropbox in the path?
  20. I checked the file and "read only" is not on. Bit when I try to open the sequencer I get the message " cannot find file or folder: C:\Users\Tom C shows\Documents \Light-O-Rama\Sequences \ If I click ok, then I get into the sequencer.
  21. I am trying to doo some sequencing in Superstar and every time I try to set up or modify my display i get a message saying "Failed to save configuration or layout information to file C:\Users\TomC shows\Documents\Light-O-Rama\SuperStar\SSEdit.cfg". Whats going on?
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