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  1. Hey everyone I managed to post a couple of videos this year of my show. I kind of ran out of time so the yard lights are not standing up like i would have had them, but you get the idea. I have 55k lights this year. I managed to get about 95% of them as LED. Thanks! I have more videos on my website. www.runyanlights.com Merry Christmas Everyone!
  2. A couple guys backed out. Is this price fair?
  3. I have 2 ccrs in the box never used. I won't be able to use them this year. Work has me so busy I just don't have time. Asking: $225 includes shipping (each) (within United States) I think that seems fair....? Pm me if your interested or email me at; Runyanlights@gmail.com
  4. Did anyone get a copy of this? Is so could someone send it to me. My kids are really bugging me. Wanting me to do this song. However, I'm a little behind on setting up. It would be helpful to get a starting point. Thanks everyone! runyanlights@gmail.com
  5. I would like to drink the koolaide and see it too! Runyanlights@gmail.com Thanks!
  6. Could I take a look at it? Runyanlights@gmail.com
  7. I would like to see it as well. Runyanlights@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. Lol. I like the idea but my name doesn't really seem to fit. Travis Runyan. Oh well Anyways. Yes I can add blue and get the same or close to the effect at a single Rgb bulb. However that's a lot of channels. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Anyone else make one? Or have a similar design.
  9. Thanks Ron, Yeah i have been doing some looking into RGB. Im more of a hands on and while I am able to watch videos online, there seems to be several choices in the types of RGBs, chips, and different types of power sources. Im not planning on using RGB for this year. However, If I challenge myself and think its possible I would like to try it with my candy cane. And yes. 10-14 foot candy canes. Two of them. I have already started the design. But will not complete it unless I can figure out how to master the RGB. It would take up way to many LOR channels. Thanks everyone for the input and co
  10. Here is a short "How To" video. www.runyanlights.com
  11. Good to know. I think tonight is going to be self teaching DMX night!
  12. Ok..... I don't have any Rgb but now after seeing the candy canes I want 1. Well, 2. I know nothing about Rgb and how to hook it up to my 13 controllers. If someone is willing. Could you answer a few questions; 1. Is it really hard to add these to my 16 channel boxes? 2. Can I add more then the 16 channels to go all the way up? ( I want my candycane to be about 10-14 foot tall. 3. I saw in the Hoildaycoro website I can add 1 tiny pix controller. Why is it called a "tiny"? I want to go big!! Does the "tiny" mean that it's limited to 16 channels? I know what some are saying "search"!!! A
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