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  1. Ha thats funny. All my emails and websites (mine and sites I build for others) are down. I will send them to you once thats back up. Hopefully SOON!
  2. Jerry you need 2 different visualizations. One that is set up like your display will look, and one I just took that one saved as *_row and removed the background and take all the props and stacked them above one another. Then do like Brian is saying above. My question was how the timing seq grid decides to organize. For example in my row vis file I have a vertical wall on top, under that I have that eve line, then a CCR arch under that. I laid them out in the order that they would be on the house. But SS's grid order may end up Arch, Vert wall, then Eve line. Im trying to figure out how
  3. I kind of figured that, but was hoping that maybe just maybe I was missing something. Your software is amazing thou. Thanks
  4. I can seem to wrap my head around how SS orders the rows that I have made in my rows vis. file. Id like to be able to arrange the props in the vis. rows file so that they end up in a certain order in the SS grid. Is this possible? How does SS read the rows vis file and decide what order to place the grids? Thanks
  5. I just upgraded my lic. to 24CCR. I was previously using the old copy and paste different sections of my show because I had too many channels for my previous license. Now having upgraded, I was wondering if there is any way to bring together the 3 different SS files without having to re sequence them so I can export all at once now? If further explanation is needed please ask questions. Thanks
  6. May have figured it out "a little". By drawing 1a 1b and 2a 2b over the vis line makes it grab all of it. Confirm if this is the best way please. THanks
  7. OK, continuing to play with this, I checked a box in the morph Setup that says VisEffect. This is SUPER close to what Im looking to do. But what seems to be happening is that when I draw the morph line because the pixels are not perfect in the visualization that it only uses the pixels that are hit by the morph line. Are there any tricks to either drawing the morph line "fatter" so it hits all of the lights or a way to draw the prop on the visualizer better so that a morph line can hit all in one swipe? Keep in mind that this prop is multiple universes long. Thanks again
  8. Im still working on the 380px line, but Im also a little confused on why I have two sets of pixel grids showing up when importing a visualization pair?
  9. I have a long roof line that has 380 pixels consisting of 3 DMX universes (150px, 150px & 80px). I was wondering if there is a way to get them into SS that would allow me to run a morph from one end to the other without having to make 3 separate morphs? Ive been able to import a visualization somewhat effectively but the issue that Im having is that due to the fact that the universes are different lengths a 1 sec morph on the 80px section travels faster because its shorter. It would be nice to do it in a way that I could left click px1 and right click px380 and have the morph travel the
  10. Thats a very good question. Unplugged everything last year working fine went to hook up and test last week and I wasn't getting connection from one of my adapters and it seemed warm while hooked up. So I opened it up and one of the chips on the board was burnt up. So I ordered a new one hooked it in and I am still not getting response from those controllers. If I swap and hook my second LOR network to the new adapter I can see the CCD's in that network no problem.
  11. Hello, Is there any way to test the network connections on the controllers. I have a couple CTB16PCG2 controllers that are blinking booted up but not connected(green steady blink). I hook up to network and the HU isn't recognizing them. I have the settings in network preferences setup properly and HU sees the Comm ports. Have swapped cables in every combination possible. The reason I ask about the network connection on the controller is that I recently had to replace a USB485 because it had burnt up. Im thinking that what ever caused the adapter to burn up may have damaged the contro
  12. Last minute I have decided that I can't handle dealing with these stupid incant icicle lights anymore. To late to order from Ray. Anybody recommend a US seller with fair prices? Thanks, Pete
  13. Hello, I have 2 - CCR's (arches) and 2 - CCP's (tree) on one network. And 8 - 5' icicle tubes with 9 smart RGB modules each running on a DMX network. In my sequence they morph back and forth in a mixed color, say a purplish color ( i know the title says white...im getting to that part ). During the show this shows up as a mess of different colors. This happens during a fast morph, almost like the lights can't turn on and mix fast enough (i know that sounds dumb) to get the right color. If I use any of the RGB colors it works fine. Now the white not working is right at the end of the song.
  14. I am not sure exactly what my issue was, but "this" issue seems to be fixed. I ran some test to track it down, nothing work. Ran the show and poof...worked perfect. Figuring bad connection somewhere that by unplugging and plugging back in connected better.
  15. I bought some resistors and for the heck of it I am going to put them in, as Ive seen a bunch of posts that say that this is recommended for 485. As for the networks, I have 2 LOR and one E1.31. Network LOR Reg has 2 - CCP's and 2 - CCR's. LOR Aux A has 2 - 16pc's and one 16DC. The E1.31 has a 2 universes with 108 channels on each. I have not check the wiring on any of the controllers, I bought them direct from LOR. But I will wiggle them to see if any are loose. All the being said, out of now where, they seem to be working fine....WHAT? After everything that I tried that didn't change an
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