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  1. I would love a copy as well please. jafflsports@yahoo.com
  2. I would like a copy too, please. jafflsports@yahoo.com
  3. James you are the best! Thanks for sharing. jafflsports@yahoo.com
  4. James can I get a copy too. Thanks! jafflsports@yahoo.com
  5. I changed the layout from 2 ribbons to 3, but it is as if it doesn't recognize the new ribbon. I have them set up as arches.
  6. Both scenes and morphs. I tried to copy and paste them separately and it still won't play the pasted timing.
  7. I added a new ribbon this year and I am trying to update my sequences from last year, however the copy and paste function is not working properly. I am able to copy and paste to the ribbon, but when I play the sequence in superstar the new ribbon does not play the timings. Any suggestions?
  8. Me too please. Jafflsports@yahoo.com
  9. Me too please. Jafflsports@yahoo.com
  10. My kids and I would love to add this to our list. Jafflsports@yahoo.com Thanks
  11. It would be great if you could send me a copy as well. Thanks. jafflsports@yahoo.com
  12. i loved the Halloween version, so I know I will love this one as well. jafflsports@yahoo.com thanks
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