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  1. May I have a copy please. Mitchelltoolsllc@gmail.com Thanks
  2. May I have a copy as well? Mitchelltoolsllc@gmail.com Thanks
  3. I made a mistake it is actually in the editor part and not the visualizer. Sorry i was trying to figure out how to delete this post and move to the editor.
  4. When playing visualizer from begining everything is great but when starting and stoping in the middle of the song the music is a couple seconds off the display. Need help fixing this or is it a bug. Thanks David
  5. Thanks Chuck for the reply. I will see what they say. I tried calling and no answer. I'm sure they are real busy right now.
  6. Got my controllers hooked up and everything worked wonderfully. BUT, the next day i noticed one channel not working. Long story short, a small slug crawled up in the controller and when i turn it on it was laying across a circuit and boom. Looks like the part has a stamp of #273 on top of it might have smoked. Resistor maybe. Or the 6 prong white chip next to it. Can i get parts and where. Thanks David P.S. My first year 64 channels to start and hooked.
  7. Called them today and they were working on orders that were made on Oct. 12th. I ordered my first 4 controllers on the 13th. Starting to get a little excited.
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