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  1. Ok....spoke too soon....when I try to use the Macro functions of the lights in my sequence I get nothing....they work fine in Hardware Utility....but I get no response in the sequence when I try to use the DMX function of the sequence software. Help please!
  2. Kinda good news(their are extensions), kinda bad because of length limitations. I live in Ontario Canada and we do definitely get cold around here.
  3. Checked Config and it is set for both Macro and RGB. Thanks for tip about 0-100 or 0-255, never noticed before.
  4. Sorry.....meant the CCB controller, Cosmic Colour Bulbs.
  5. I am trying to use some of the Macros built in to the CMB controller but can't seem to get hem to work....I can get it to work in the hardware utility but how do I program my channels in the sequence to do the same thing......hardware utility uses 0-100 slider but when I use DMX edit in sequencing software it gives number values up to 255. HELP! Halloween is getting close. Thanks
  6. Thanks for responses and info gang!!
  7. Does anybody know if LOR has extensions available in their store for the CCB controller connections. I don't want to cut and splice, would rather just buy some extensions. If they don't, can somebody get in touch with proper people to suggest it. Thanks in advance.
  8. I emailed them and said I misplaced mine and they sent me 2 packs with rubber covers, NO CHARGE! They have the best customer service. Thanks LOR!!
  9. I bought 2 of these beauties and they are working great.....followed the setup instructions that came with them......set each controller for dual and when using hardware utility I choose extended circuits and then I have to select controller 2 set levels....switch to controller 3 set levels.....switch to controller 4 se levels.....switch to controller 5 set levels.....all lights light up and do exactly as I ask....love these lights.....can't wait for Halloween show and even more anticipating Christmas!
  10. Hey Frank, Just wondering what version of Carol of the Bells(artist) I much prefer that one over TSO.
  11. i Have 2 strips from Ray that are 150 pixels using a 2801 controller. Have used Superstar, just copy and pasted to each group of 50 LED's, I'm sure there is a shorter way, but I am new to Superstar.
  12. Got answer from Brian. No worries gang.
  13. When watching one of the Superstar Tutorial Videos on SuperStarlights.com he discusses how to set up your your Layout for programming. When he opens his Layout screen he has the option to choose CCR, CCB or FireFli, my software does not show CCB, it only has CCR and FireFli. I have the latest software and I have the licence for SuperStar. Am I missing something? Please help as I recently purchased 2 sets of the CCB's in the April Sale.
  14. Got it. thanks for your help Don. Couldn't find it searching in Windows but Hardware Utility found it.
  15. I also cannot find that firmware update. I looked for that folder and cannot find it either. Windows 7, LOR 3.9 Little help please, want to make sure firmware is up to date.
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