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  1. Thanks guys that's what I wanted to hear whether it was ok or not. I appreciate other products are bigger or better and I don't have to use these but it ultimately didn' t answer my question. I plan on using these either as stated or in a different configuration.
  2. I already have the cg 1500 enclosures and actually while they are slightly bigger they are more expensive than what I paid for mine. I' just wondring if someone has an opinion if this would be ok in my environent or am looking for disaster doing this
  3. Wondering if mounting two holiday Corp 27 channel dumb controllers in one of these cases with a power supply mounted in the lid would be too much. My shows run primariy Oct into Jan and I do live in Wis so itsa usually somewhat cool to cold, just don' what to overheat anything
  4. I'll take some too if you dont mind, Thanks in advance Soye13@msn.com
  5. A couple of years back I got a deal on a bunch of plastic real tree bases and zip tied by tomato cages to them. Makes them heavy enough to keep them from tipping over and insulates them from shorting or bleeding to ground. Now I just have to figure out something for my wire frame deer.
  6. I know it's late but if I can still get a copy also old sarge I would appreciate it thanks. Soye13@msn.com
  7. I know it's late but could I get a copy also, thanks. Soye13@msn.com
  8. I woud be interested in the Halloween ones, first year doing halloween. Soye13@msn.com
  9. If it's not too late I'd like a copy also, thanks soye13@msn.com
  10. For the last 3 or 4 years I've went out dressed as Santa waving to traffic as it goes by (we live on a major thoroughfare) and handed out candy canes and little coloring books to the kids that are with the families that stop. Not as many stop ask I would like but the ones that do love the gesture. I've also had my wife dressed as Mrs Claus and grandkids dressed as elves and got a very nice response. Just with new job I don't get out as much as I would like, only Saturdays and some Sundays, hate that. I also have had several people try to give me money and I told them no thanks that's not why I
  11. Old sarge I would love a copy of this thanks soye13@msn.com
  12. Am I missing something here, cordset is 16 cords lor price is $30 Walmart price was $2 = $32 mono price was $1.50 = 24 plus your labor ?
  13. Thanks guys I finally found it. It was on Planet Christmas from back in Aug 2009 labeled Animation is Rudolph by Frank_Lo. Unfortunately it doesn't show any construction but I'm thinking of this as a long term project I would like to start and build right to sort of interact with visitors.
  14. This was a stuffed Rudolph that he bought and took the stuffing out. I believe he put it over a wire frame and used servos and I think it was 30 inches or so tall.
  15. On one of the Christmas forums somebody posted an article and video of a robotic Rudolph that he had built, it was full body and it's head and neck along with the mouth moved and his video showed it saying some of the phrases from the movie. I thought I had book marked it but can't find the bookmark or the page. If there is anyone that might remember this and can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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