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  1. I finished sequencing "Happy" for only the 4 Halloween singing faces (standard 7-channels each face). I don't have the time to finish the rest. So, I've decided to share it with the forum in hopes that someone can use it. PM me your email address if you want a copy. ~Brandon
  2. Did someone say Mountain Dew? I never touch the stuff
  3. Kevin: Oh, the things we have to do for our kids. My 7 YO begged me. How could I say "no" I had a lot more fun sequencing "Sail".
  4. Very nice display and sequences Tracy. Make that 4 of us!
  5. Thanks ROC.....my neighbor made me do it...LOL
  6. Someone posted some sort of Chinese Food comment on my Fox video. I wondered what the heck that was all about. I guess I know now. No worries, I won't be doing that one!
  7. Yes, Edit / Skew Track in the Sequence Editor. Good Luck.
  8. I had this problem at halloween and the fix was as Aaron suggested.
  9. Are you referring to HighCountryLights.com "Light Show Interactive - Social Lights" video? See: http://www.highcountrylights.com/video-gallery.html It sounds like the voice over was done by Kevin at Demented Elf. (www.thedementedelf.com) Hope this helps
  10. Nice work James! What kind of skeleton is that you have in the tree? It appears to glow nicely. Are you up-lighting it in anyway?
  11. Kevin, you continue to amaze and inspire. Awesome, as always! I hope your neighbors don't overreact.
  12. Thanks for all the positive comments. I thought I'd post an update on the current situation outside my house. Last night went pretty smooth. LPD increased their drive-bys in the area and have been fantastic with which to work. A firefighter friend helped me manage the traffic which was very noticeably up over 2X from the night before. I'd guess we had about 100 cars come through between 7 and 8PM, most were first time viewers. The viewers were mainly able to self-manage after 8PM. It's hard to count them since many come and go at different times but none appear to leave before seeing Gangnam Style. No surprise there. Most vehicles were packed to the brim with people, 4-8 to a car/minivan/SUV. Viewers were very respectful and seemed to all enjoy the show. My continual promises/threats on the ELL Facebook page to shut the show down if they are not respectful of my neighbors seems to be filtering out. Many viewers actually helped out others with how to view in accordance with the rules I set. The local Washington DC NBC 4 news crew arrived around 7:30PM and interviewed some of the viewers. The light show went off at the scheduled 10PM time. The news crew hung out in the dark for an hour. Although the boom truck, with the boom fully extended, sitting in the driveway did raise a few eyebrows. We then turned the lights back on for a short live broadcast of a Halloween segment of their show during the 11 o'clock news show. The crew was awesome and even showed the kids inside the truck which they all thought was pretty cool. Today is another day and tonight is sure to see more traffic. Also, looks like Sandy might pay us a visit later this week. The neighbors have been great and very excited......well, for now anyways. So far, so good.
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