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  1. could I get a copy Sprintking23@gmail.com
  2. Any chance I might be able to bum a sequence or two from you? I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. I am just plain ran out of time this year and I am looking for anything non Christmas that is more recent. anything helps.
  4. Could I please get a copy Sprintking23@gmail.com Thanks
  5. Could I get a copy Sprintking23@gmail.com
  6. I am looking for 2 singing face sequences, and it only really has to be the faces. I have already done the other sequencing for them but I just need the faces. I am looking for Flo Rida - Good Feeing, and Maroon 5 - Moves like Jagger. If someone has these I am forever in your debt. Kurt
  7. I am searching for rock sequences, and if by any chance someone has a Madison Rising sequence you would be my hero. I have a bunch of stuff I would be willing to give up in return!
  8. Hey any chance I could get a copy of both. Been hunting for some rock stuff but no luck so far sprintking23@gmail.com
  9. any chance I could grab a copy. Sprintking23@gmail.com
  10. Well I put myslef in a bind. I had planned on doing a few skrillex songs in my display, but with fixing my show going on and kids breaking my megatree and mini tree's I am about out of time. So what I am asking is if anyone has any skrillex sequences they would share with me I would greatly appreciate the help.
  11. Hey if I could get a copie that would be awsome. sprintking23@gmail.com
  12. if I could please get a copy. Sprintking23@gmail.com
  13. Hi so if I could get a copy. My email is sprintking23@gmail.com
  14. Could I sang a copy sprintking23@gmail.com
  15. I am looking for a sequence that someone is willing to share. I have just plain run out of time.
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