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  1. I like the way you added the panel mount RJ45 adapter. I liked it so well I had to go to the shop and open up my new controllers to see if I could do the same thing. Are those the Coro adapters? Thanks Wayne
  2. I popped in and got 4 CTB16PC Complete controllers and an extra high speed adapter and shipping was $53.82 and since the controllers did not sell out I decided to get 2 more and the shipping on them was $34.82. I went to the help desk and told them I had done 2 orders and would like to combine them and they did. Saved me about $30.00 First bill had the 53.82 on it and the second had $4.00 on it for shipping charges. And they arrived yesterday. Thank you LOR for saving me $30.00 by combining them and the quick shipping. My first order time was 01:50 and my second time was 10:27 and they still had controllers in stock. Wayne
  3. I just done 2 orders with paypal and it was fine
  4. I was in and out in about 2 minutes and got 4 ac controllers. And then thought what the heck, went back in and got 2 more. Wayne
  5. Jr Thanks for mentioning that HC has these, I have been using another brands that sticks up in the control box quite a bit and makes it tight in there. I also tried the lor ones and sent them back for the same reason. I ordered 4 of the HC to look at and I will order some more as I do my controller builds as I like the overall space that the connector it self takes up in the control box. I also have this type of connector on all of my controllers. Wayne
  6. Normally, I would have started today January 2nd tearing down, but thanks to the ice storm that came thru yesterday, everything is still covered with ice today and now possibly 2 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow on top of the ice. So my display is still running tonight and may run for a couple of more days till everything gets melted off. Wayne
  7. My show computer is also on the network / internet. But there is nothing on it other than LOR and Zara radio. It also has not missed a beat either. The only reason mine is on the net is that during setup I stream Christmas music out my speakers in the yard. And I also create transfer LOR files from my main computer to the show computer. Wayne
  8. Yes, from CTB-16D's to Gen 3's. The old ones work fine for the most part, but they don't like single strand led's on one channel.
  9. I am not sure on props, But I do want to start upgrading controllers. Would like to do maybe 5 or 6 this year. Wayne
  10. Merry Christmas from Churubusco, Indiana. 14 degrees here this morning
  11. I done that exact same thing a few years ago. I used M6 leds also if I remember correctly. I think this count sheet is what I went by when I done the upgrade. You will need some black out caps since we cannot buy exact counts for what we need. You might count your holes to make sure they line up with my count, just in case the led count changed over the last few years. hope this helps. Wayne
  12. Not sure what you mean by that. I have them set for on/off no dimming.
  13. What experience are people having using LED C9 strobes on LOR controllers? I ordered 10 of these and put them in today to compare them and when I tested them earlier in the day they looked ok. But tonight with my show running, they come on but look dim and like they are in a shimmer mode. I looked at the channels and they show all on when I look at one of the cells. I have 8 of them on one channel and 2 on another channel on a different controller and they look the same. My controllers are the older CTB16D blue boards. Wayne
  14. I am the maintenance director at the local school. Today at about 3:10, I come out of my office into the hall and a little girl ( 1st or 2nd grader ) was passing and says Mr.****** I like your Christmas lights, with joy in her voice. That's why we do this! Wayne
  15. I live on a very busy street. It is Main Street in town here and is a US highway in NE Indiana. I have worried about traffic for a long time. There is a passing lane that starts to the north of my property for a McDonalds on the other side of the road. And I do have people that will stop in front of the house in that lane and watch. They also go to the McDonalds and park in the farthest 2 spots to the west that actually faces my house. So I have actually added some props including 1 of my singing trees facing that way on the South East side of the house. They also back / park in the neighbors drive ways. Which I do have good neighbors, I have only had 1 problem where someone backed into the neighbors house and missed the drive and parked in there front yard and made ruts in it. I am not sure there is a good answer to your question. I guess I would say start small and see how things work with the traffic. Here in my town my display is well known and people kind of know to watch around my neighborhood at Christmas time, but it is all of the passing thru traffic and truck traffic that may get surprised when someone is stopped on the side of the road. One good thing is that traffic drops off going into the evening hours. Wayne
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