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  1. can you send Randy Travis Jingle bell rock to me ? bkueber@me.com
  2. Have the same setup as you, got the alphapix 4 and it works great with lor pix editor, ended up with 4 strands 256 pix each, injected power at pis 150 and works well. I hope you went 12v otherwise you will need to inject more frequent
  3. So I don't need to set up the e131 network for the matrix in the network setup?
  4. So I have a matrix I set up in PE as a prop 4 strings of 256 pixels snaked to form 7 folds or 8 lines per string so total of 1024 nodes. Starting universe 2 How do I set up the channels in SE or do I need to since I did it in PE? Kind of confused with PE as I used to just run ver 3 SE and didn't have pixels other than CCRs.
  5. I am looking for this one too, just the timing
  6. And the motto is " gravity is your friend "
  7. The ELOR from Sandevices is shipping! Woo Hoo! I cant wait to get my hands on one.
  8. Seems kinda underhanded to remove the thread, especially when we are talking about something to use with LOR software, not jumping ship to LSP or others that already have e1.31 support. LOR should be embracing the work by Sandevices, it is keeping me addicted to their software product, not to mention i have ccrs and regular leds on old fashioned controllers too. Next they are going to start removing stuff about ray wu, when the ccbs go on sale:(
  9. Daisy chained using easily built 3 pin dmx connectors
  10. Via enttec pro dmx dongle, I am running 3, there are 512 channels per universe, so there's lots of room
  11. 23' for 100 11.5' for 50 I got two strings out of each 100 nodes
  12. 11.5 feet lighted length, I cut them to that length to fit on my spiral tree
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