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  1. I am also having the same problem using Firmware 5.28. The problem seems random, it will skip on a different song or two each show.
  2. I've noticed the same thing. Only I have all 6 of my triggered shows to play continuously. Show 3 will not interrupt show 6. But show 6 will interrupt itself and start show 6 again. I do not have a show 7.
  3. Thanks for checking that out Jim, I'm also running Vista. Thanks again Leon
  4. Yes, I ran the sequence editor many times. I also downloaded 2.1.2 again and reinstalled since my first post, but I still get the same message. Thanks Leon
  5. I Downloaded S2 2.1.2 today and when I open the hardware utility and go to add a sequence on the MP-3 Player Showlist I get this message. (Error with sequence file:Creating Sequence File Path/File Access error) I was wondering if someone who has downloaded the new release could try this as well to see if they get the same message. Thanks Leon
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