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  1. A couple years ago a snake crawled inside the controller and got fried and blew the fuse. I cleaned it out and put in a new fuse and channel 9 didn't work. I figured the triac needed replaced and just now got around to it this year. I went ahead and replaced it and still didn't work. I tried resetting the board per https://www1.lightorama.com/controller-reset/ and still doesn't work. I noticed when I reset the board it keeps the same controller ID number but per the manual it says it will be reset to 1. I thought this was odd so I went ahead and tried flashing the firmware to the latest 1.11 and tried to reset again and still same issue. I went ahead and replaced the triac again thinking the first one may be bad and still doesn't work. I saw in another post that the opto coupler may be an issue but that looks like it may be pain to replace and not sure where to get the part. Any other ideas or is channel 9 dead for good?
  2. I wasn't sure if you still needed this or not but I just sent you what I have. Hope it helps!
  3. Can I get a copy? Thanks! Videogamepro87@yahoo.com
  4. This looks pretty good for a first timer! Can I get a copy of this to add to my show please? Thanks! videogamepro87@yahoo.com
  5. Can I please get a copy of this? For my personal use as usual :) Thanks in advance! videogamepro87@yahoo.com
  6. I just sent some your way so hopefully they help. Enjoy!
  7. Can I get a copy of this please? Thanks! videogamepro87@yahoo.com
  8. Can I get a copy of this please? Thanks! videogamepro87@yahoo.com
  9. Can I get a copy please? Thanks! videogamepro87@yahoo.com
  10. I sent you what I have Tony. Let me know if they work out for you.
  11. Could I get a copy of this as well? Thanks! videogamepro87@yahoo.com
  12. I was curious if anyone has Skibidi by Little Big with or without faces before I started programming it. If so, my email is videogamepro87@yahoo.com . Thanks!
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