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  1. Any chance of getting copies of frozen songs?
  2. Looking for Let in Go Do you want to Build a Snowman penatonics any kind anything interesting except TSO have most of those, any help appreciated...
  3. please send if you have a 32 channel frozen sequnces....any or appreciated
  4. sorry, I thought that the software had a option to watch your show live, while it is running on the laptop screen.....
  5. which setting or do I need to upgrade so I can view show while running..............
  6. like lots of display, party etc....talk to your local police about getting a permit to close the street to the public for your display, people can then park outside and walk through like dovewood crt....I perfer to walk through anyway so i can enjoy the show better. and if you us a fm transmitter,post that you do and people can us there phone or ?....that may be a possiblity?......
  7. yea...i will get by to check it out this friday most likely....want to see it in person....
  8. just thinking ahead....using s2....need to upgrade....which software would be best to us when running dc boards and pixels....s3...super star....?
  9. P.S. Im going to add pixels to my house outlines and fence panels next year so any advice would be helpful...Ken is going to advise and help me with programming I think.....Im running 32 lor channels with leds of 10k lights with 25k static and display,next year adding also 18 more mini trees, more xmas town house.polar express train(10th scale home made)..with the new added nightmare before xmas display....
  10. hey Craig....I met Ken from orangevale this year, waited to meet you at the Dec Old Sac meeting but didnt happen...Im local and might be interested....let me know if I can afford it....sorry to hear....my neighborhood in Fair Oaks have been putting up with me and traffic for 17 years now.limos and such...so again let me know....Mike
  11. yea...the house in Illonois was a little over the top, and yes I think that, or I figured it out that he sepns around 25k to get that affect.....not to bad to double and pay for your investment, as long as he puts it up next year, or was it a one hit wonder?.....just my opinion!....I really liked the display in Texas the best, I think they used their thinking caps to set up their display...pretty,not over done....congrates....mike
  12. yea...I looked it up...they will be on Dec 23...
  13. its says......"conflicts with another show"....contacted lor....they said to update to 2.9.12....most currant software,did it, and my computer crached...lost all of my icons and personal passwords for sights, did a system restore to retreive old screen and settings, now the lor update states, "not loaded correctly"....recontacted lor and they send me a new update to s3 instead of s2...hopefully when i get home it will reset correctly, remove s2 and not crash my computer when it shuts off and reboots.....we'll see.....
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