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  1. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if anybody has used a motion sensor as a security mechanism out side of show times before? My thought would be to place one directly across the gate to the front yard so if anybody entered after show hours the lights would flick on (I'd just make a strobe show for say 5 minutes.) Soooo; I've got a 2 series 2 controllers and new series 3 controller, would I need to purchase anything other then wiring and a motion sensor to make this happen? How would I program the schedule to use the motion sensor only outside of regular show times?
  2. Hi Guys, So I have an Australian 16 Channel 32W controller. I appear to have power leaking from the controller on two channels, channels 10 and 12, the channels aren't completely on but are receiving enough power to illuminate the lights connected ever so slightly, enough to annoy me! Has anybody had this issue? If so what did you do to fix this? I've completely reset both the unit and the computer with no luck!
  3. Hi Guys, Does anybody know if the 10watt flood extension cable on the light O Rama store works for the Cosmic Colour Flood's as well? I need to make a large extension cable for one of the floods want to check that this is the right cable as they don't seem to sell the CCF's anymore. Cheers, Chris
  4. Yeah I can get a true blue or green light in the sequences, it is really weird. In Hardware Utility I can turn the CCF's on and off, play with the colours and the red will stay on the whole time. yet once the sequence starts it will do what it's told to do, i.e. be blue or green only, then when it's not programmed to be on it just stays on solid red. I'm thinking it must be something to do with the heat. If I don't turn my main controller off during the day (or leave it on for over a week) I get a "catchy" channel in the show where by it will stay on. But as soon as I reset the controller th
  5. The red light on my one of my CCF's isn't turning off.I've reset the unit and computer and it won't turn off. It behaves when programmed to during a show then just stays on red. Please help ASAP
  6. Hi All, I'm looking at next year constructing a spiral mega tree to add to my display. I'm in Australia so I'll be talking metrics... I was looking for feedback / input on my design. I plan on using 16 Channels to make my tree, 14 Lights, 2 for the Star. With fourteen channels for lights I would have two strands of LED lights per channel. In terms of size I was thinking a base with a diameter of no more then 1.1m and the height no more then 4m's or so. It's got a relatively tight, but perfectly positioned area to go into. I want to know what sort of frame people suggest for making a spi
  7. Yeah thanks... I've found a supplier that sells 6m lengths, now to see if they'll sell larger ones!
  8. I live in Australia and was wondering if anybody knew were you could purchase plain christmas lights (LED) without the stupid multi-function controller box that you get at Big W. I would like to cover the whole house in Cosmic Ribbon, but that just isn't cheap!
  9. I run S3 on Parallels 8 under OSX Mavericks.... It works fine. I run it off an old macbook pro with no glitches or anything... I just have the computer scheduled to turn on and off each day, no touch for all of december and the shows run without a glitch
  10. I like the "Carol of the bartenders"!! The fastest one i've heard yet is the X Christmas version..... might need to hook some strobe light up!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anybody here has found a good, fast version of carol of the bells that sounds half decent.....
  12. Looks good, Only comment would be, be careful with fast strobing of groups / channels as often when you look at it with the lights plugged in / set up it just turns into a moosh of light
  13. I have the metal boxes but you could do it with the plastic...... I have my controllers individually mounted in a metal metre board enclosure (Australian) .... I than put the controller in the central area of the display so that i don't have any extension cords..... i only had 3 last year, but what i do here is join them inside waterproof boxes and screw them shut than screw them to the roof!
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    Good Songs

  15. There's lots of arguments over licensing.......... Basically if you're only broadcasting around the block well................ WHo's gonna complain?? I have the WH FM transmitter (the 2nd) up in my 2nd story frount window.... It works great with the extender airier on and the power flipped up..... ** Note; if it's raining or windy it may go static**javascript:emoticon(':cool:',%20'images/emoticons/cool.gif')
  16. I prefer the "Upbeat Songs" because they usually have a really easy to identify beat.... I'm lucky in the fact that i live in Australia in a 2 story house where the gables form the roof line pitching up the two story's to the right..... I can jump the lights down the eves or fade or even chase them... Each house has a theme you'll find like fading sideways or downwards..... Just have a play with your favourite song an you'll soon get the hang of it
  17. I Like the design, the mounting is cheating!!
  18. I had this problem, leave the box turned off for a day, unplug EVERYTHING AT THE BOX (Including it's power and enthernet) AND RE-PLUG IT ALL BAG IN SECURELY!! This helped me, i than reset the unit ID to 2 than back to 1 (Only have 1 controller) and started up the show.....This worked great for me
  19. Mine is great, I have mine up on the 2nd story of my house (Inside & Australia) and it works great with the extender on it.... I run it + my computer volume at 80% and on Mono with the aerial running up my window
  20. LOR sell them pretty cheap, other than that their are heaps of places you can get them
  21. I had this happen last night, although it was one of two channels randomly throughout my sequence, this also happened with the hardware utility.....I was checking my lights, turned all off and one strand was still on.... A quick reset of the power to the box and it was good before it happened again 3 times However mine then stayed off after my show finished
  22. Have you added the ariel extender??? I added this and can get signal 2 blocks away!! Also the higher it is the better, When it is low you get interference from walls and houses!! (I run my lights from the second story of my house so i get awesome reception)
  23. I Have all my sequences as a show, than music and lights on in-between each show until 12..... This way my shows are on the hour from 7 and the lights are still on with carols in-between!!
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