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  1. I am having the same issue. Ran with no issues yesterday but wont open today.
  2. yes, it will end up being a 16x25 or 400 pixel
  3. Hello everyone, I have had LOR for a few years now. Just picked up a 8x50 pixel tree setup during the last sale. If anyone has sequences they would like to share it would be appreciated. I am looking for Christmas and Halloween. My email is mjbadb@yahoo.com Some members use to share sequences by drop box. Anyone still do that? Thank you in advance Mike
  4. Hello, Please share regular sequence Thanks mjbadb@yahoo.com
  5. would like to see it mjbadb@yahoo.com thanks
  6. would also like a copy James, Thanks! mjbadb@yahoo.com
  7. please send mjbadb@yahoo.com thank you!
  8. i put all mine in the upload folder/new folder
  9. 16 channels 8 - white LEDs 100ct C-6 8 - red LEDs 100ct C-6 looks good for my first attempt. next year will be bigger!!
  10. check here
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