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  1. just use the tap wizard on a number of dummy tracks? Insert blank channels and name them say drums, vocals, percussion and so on. Then use the tapper on each one.
  2. Very good song, its in my list this year as well.
  3. For LOR there is no need for a 64bit OS, it wont utilize it. The channel count you wont need much really more than anything over a Pentium 2 or Dual Core AMD. Windows XP or newer and 4gb of ram.
  4. I promise you they see these threads daily. I also promise you they have read them all the way through. LOR has to keep its secrets just like any other software. In order to have something new and fresh you cant hint at what it is or the competition can now join in. It would be nice to hear from Dan or any of the Dev team for that matter on what is brewing behind closed doors. We can not expect them to say much if what they are developing is cutting edge. This happens all the time in the market. Look at vehicles. Ford waited till Chevy unveiled the ZL1 Camaro at 580hp let them have
  5. Always something small. Glad you found it.
  6. Im not sure how the software acts, but this might seem silly of a question. You do in fact have the highest level license (Advanced) correct?
  7. First do these things for me Paste a screen shot of the E682 setup page, the LOR Network Config Advanced Page, and click on the channel in LOR to show universes assignment number. Those 3 things should help me narrow out the issue. As well when you make any changes in the network screen you have to close all LOR software including the Control Panel and restart the software.
  8. make the roof out of wood and inside use foil to make it reflective
  9. 2812's are a 2811 but the chip and led are integrated. Still uses the 2811 protocol but its all 1 tidy LED package. Try the video again?
  10. 32x16 Ron, very good eye. As well they are 1/2 T's that's are glued together. Was stable and worked amazingly well. The pixels themselves constantly gave me trouble. Early in the season I had Gif and pictures and so on. As they pixels went out I had to condense it down quite a bit. Lesson learned and now its better than before with 2812's instead of the 2801's I had on it last year. <---- Video of it acting as a tune in sign.
  11. Im going to ask as the other 2 implied. Your E682 should be connected to the same network as the PC, not through a dongle but the switch or router.
  12. Best way to do this would be a controller that allows you to duplicate univereses. In terms or wiring you cant do it as there would be too much interference along the line. I don't know if the E68x can do it with the newest firmware, maybe Andy can help if the P12 can allow you to do this. If not you would need to create the 4 strings in sequencer and copy and paste to all 4 of the universes or channels you setup to duplicate.
  13. If LOR becomes 64 bit it will correct many of those issues. Another issue in Nutcracker is the file size, in LOR it takes quite a bit to open a 70 meg or larger clipboard file. It really doesn't like to multi paste them either. Regardless as LOR is a 1 core kinda guy it will always be plagued with its inability to use the power given to it. It is easy to use, stable compared to others but still it needs a refresh to get it up to speed. Don't give up Vike, things only get better with time.
  14. The error is in the network mode on the pasted screen. I would start there. Some network cards have an issue playing straight to the E68x series. I do not know the rhyme or reason but some simply do not place nice. A switch or router usually cleans up the mess as they will have a larger IP range as most computer NIC's upon start up decide what mode they will be in. In its current mode try to power up the pc with it connected to the E682 then power up the e682 after windows is open. There are hundreds of variables that can make this not work just to warn you.
  15. looks like your using an IP range on the e682 that your router isn't in range of. Reset it back to auto dhcp mode using the directions in the manual and report back. Or find the ip range of your network and change the ip to be static in that range. I see and IP issue which will create LOR not to be able to talk to it. As well you do have LOR on multicast and not IP specific unicast. As the E682 firmware you are running is multicast only. A great many of us over complicate that 1 step. Also when you cant login is this when its directly to the pc or through a switch/router?
  16. Its not a big deal if you didn't burn the chip. Also if you do not have a solder sucker, your trying too hard. I wouldn't worry about it if it works without issues. If you don't have the right tools though sometimes the job just isn't going to be fun. I have this one http://www.amazon.com/Amico-Sucking-Vacuum-Desoldering-Remover/dp/B005GIPKOW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1366896380&sr=8-2&keywords=solder+sucker
  17. How many universes? 1 or 2 do it exactly as Don and Jerry stated. If your add 3 or more, then follow dougs link to Bobo's tool. Download the Vegematic tool and add them from there. You can add 48 at a time in less than a minute with Bob'Os tools
  18. Its jumpy because I removed frames to make the GIF. Should give you a good idea how I did a Tune in sign though.
  19. Looks like a lot of new stuff this year George! Cant wait to see it on the house.
  20. Get andy to show you the 64 bit trick.
  21. I built them after the props are in place, gave myself 5 extra feet on each one for small changes or movement if someone snags one by accident.
  22. Bought all of mine straight from Kevin, or as you see him the guy above my post.
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