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  1. So ur saying manually change them ??
  2. Thanks I new I was an idiot!!!!!!
  3. Would anyone walk me threw this on the phone. I feel like an idiot.. Thanks I'll send u my number if any one will
  4. I still dont see anything about channel properties
  5. WHats the chances of u call ing me or can i call u and walk me threw that.. i know how to import and export the channel configurations just want to make sure i dont delete somethings if thats okay might be a little confussed here.. I need to change all the channel properties
  6. I need help... I set up my show for 384 channels everything is great the way i set my sequences is fine as well but i need to change all my channels to the right controllers. I have 24 controllers and would have to go threw each song and change all 384 channels to match. i have done this already on one song but takes for ever... is there a way to copy and paste or something like that that i can speed this up...Super important show starts tonight and need someones help.. Thanks so much
  7. Where is the best place to buy music for the light shows? Also what is the best file or format to save it in? thanks
  8. thanks alot i know how to save it on a computer just asking if the file type mattered. Sorry if i sounded like a idiot, but maybe i am.. thanks again
  9. holidayhangups


    I am trying to figure out what is the best music to use for my LOR shows? How should the music be stored? Like file type or how to save it? thanks
  10. Today is my first day on Light o Rama and i would love a 16 channel or a 32 channel mega tree sequence. thanks and appreciate anything
  11. I am a first time user and was wondering if and how you can take a picture of your house and then place lights on the picture to get an idea of what it might look like is this possible if so i need help and alot of it. thanks cant wait to learn this software
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