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  1. I have never used pixcon, but what Mr P. Is describing is a standard pin out found on just about any cat5 cable. Look up 568b rj45, and you find 100s of diagrams... HTH...
  2. Phil thank you for staying with me.... I figured it out and got it working. My confusion was that in the DMX tab, when selecting the Universe and choosing an adapter, there was only 1 choice (A1001i03). I was thinking that this was a dummy adapter or some other thing.... partly because I also assumed that the LOR RS485 adapter would be named something different. I was wrong. That is in fact exactly what it is named. Go Figure.....LOL Long story short, when assigning that adapter a universe, I am able to control my moving head light just like on any of my other DMX universes, and it is wired directly from the light (XLR) to my spare RS485 Adapter (RJ45). I appreciate your patience and help! Scott
  3. The COM port is present, but it is in the LOR tab. That must be my problem. I'll check that when I get home. Thanks again!!!
  4. Sorry, I will have to update my profile... I am running the latest version of 4.x In the network configuration utility, I have dozens of other E.131 universes working fine, so that is not what is confusing me. And when I use my IDMX 1000 the light itself works great in the hardware utility. Pan/tilt/colors/strobe. Everything is working. Where I am confused is when NOT using the IDMX 1000. It is when conneting the light directly into the RS485 with the cable I made. In the network utility when trying to assign a new DMX universe for the RS485 adapter which is on COM4, it is not an option. It shows up under the standard LOR tab as a regular LOR network, but not the DMX tab. I hope this makes sense.
  5. Ok, so I have the cable made ( could not wait).....how do I tell LOR that I want to use DMX on that RS485 (Com4) I looked in the Network Configuration utility and not sure how to assign a DMX universe to a RS485 com port??? I have multiple other E 1.31 universes working just fine on their own networks.... but this one escapes me... Sorry... Thanks, Scott
  6. OK, so that is the doc that I saw the links to that would not open up.... Perfect...!!! Again Thank you!!!
  7. Thank you so very Much!!!! I will give it a shot in the morning!!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!
  8. OK, so just to confirm??? Using a standard Cat5 Cable....Using the standard of the 568B wiring, (most Common) Green wire (pin 6) to DMX pin1 Blue & White (pin 5) to DMX pin2 Blue wire (pin 4) to DMX pin3 Again... THANK YOU!!!
  9. I have searched these and other boards, and an unfortunately the links that have found the info i need are no longer valid. I have a spare LOR RS485, and I am looking to control a moving head light. What I need is the pinouts/info to create a Cat5 to DMX cable that will plug into the RS485 on one end(cat5) and the light on the other side (3 Pin DMX). I have the ends, and the cable, just need to know what wire goes to what pin etc... Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks, Scott
  10. Thanks everyone for your input. I finally had some time today to test the root of the issue, and it is definitely the controller. I will be calling the help desk to open a ticket today. Thanks Again!
  11. Thanks for the reply Mike!!! I tried loading new firmware, but got nowhere, just froze at "Grabbing Device". I did try a new cat5 cable. I'll try a different Usb com adapter .
  12. I have a CCB controller "DeviceID 01 " that I have been using this summer with no issues. Today I turn it on, and get the green flashing lights thinking i'm fine...Well, not so... No lights at all when when running sequences. I open HU, and it sees a 01-BOOTLOADER-CCB on the first Device, and then 02 -???????????, 03-????????, Etc.... and the same for every device searched. Keep in mind this is the ONLY controller hooked up, it should only see Device 01. I reset the controller following the manual, and where I should see chasing lights, etc. I see nothing... I depress the button, and the two green lights start flashing again. No Luck there.... I tried to reload the firmware, and it starts the process then just says Grabbing Device. or something similar and goes nowhere for 10 minutes. I canceled. I'm thinking this controller is toast... Any all ideas are welcome! Thanks, Scott
  13. Forgot to add my email address sstachowski.mobile@gmail.com Thanks Again!
  14. Mike, THANK YOU for your response! I am going to hold off upgrading the processor. I have already split my LOR networks and my E1.31 networks up to reduce load on those links so I should be fine! I don't think my processor will be a bottleneck.... Thanks again! Scott
  15. Hey Ducks, thanks for the response. I was thinkng the same thing. My new "spare" PC has 8 USB ports, so I can break up my LOR traffic into multiple networks, and I put 2 extra nics in it to break up my e1.31 networks as well.
  16. I know that it will run an any number of CPU's and number of cores. But, I am looking to finally replace my REALLY old Show machine with a newer spare PC. It currently has a Intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Will upgrading to the Intel Core 2 QUAD give me any noticable difference in my shows? I am really not worried about sequencing, etc. as I do that on a different PC. Basically, Does LOR benefit from more cores in the CPU? If not, Will it anytime in the near future (1-3 Years) Thanks in advance for your answers.... Scott
  17. Thank you everyone for your responses! I do REQUIRE a small doorbell so I just ended up removing the existing bulb, and running an additional wire for the +5v to the LED. Works perfectly. Thanks again! Scott
  18. I would like to have the button lit all the time if possible. Thanks, Scott
  19. So I want to use a cheap lighted doorbell to trigger a few sequences. I have the doorbell working, and the interactive part all functioning, My question is how do I get the doorbell to LIGHT UP? There are only two connections on it. The doorbell is N/O so I could connect the +9v to one and the Gnd to the other, and it will light up, but then which side gets the INPUT wire? Or will this cause problems on the controller when the button is pushed (connecting the +9 and Gnd together.) Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Scott
  20. Just watched the vid. tonight...OMG I almost wet myself. Thanks MIKE!
  21. BOB, Thank you VERY much. That is exactly what I was looking for!!! Scott
  22. When I right click the control panel I can no longer select "Status" I used this religiously for many things. I have seen it mentioned here a couple times, but I don't see anything definitive. I am running the latest Beta, is a work in progress or Is this now gone completely? Thanks, ​Scott
  23. Did not work for me. I had a 40 which I JUST BOUGHT last fall, and it still shows up as 40.... UGH...
  24. Thank You Guys!!! This makes perfect sense now. I knew I had done it in the past, but could not for the life of remember how. The Chase tool method worked great!!!!!! I am in you debt! Scott.
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