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  1. I have to respectfully disagree with there. The Beat Wizard might be good for TSO, but as a musician, I don't get quality results with the beat wizard on anything with a shuffle (some rock, all blues and jazz) or most classical/soundtrack pieces which contain variable tempos.
  2. I had a problem with my director where I had to delete all the files on the SD card and repopulate the card using LOR hardware program. This fixed my issue
  3. I spend about two hours per minute per 32 channels. I don't give away my sequences because they would be utterly useless to anyone else. I don't use the "standard layout " for channels, props, etc. My sequences are custom made for how the lights are laid out in my yard an on my home. There are no mini-trees, arches, stars, super trees, etc. with no standard props, the upside is that my show is very unique, but the downside is that sharing is impossible.
  4. I'm using a scheduled show on and LOR-MP3 director. I have a 1 second animation sequence that only turns on the channel that has the sign light. The sequence is configured as the "startup" sequence. That channel is excluded from all my musical sequences, so they never turn the sign on or off.
  5. You can create a small animated sequence that does this, or you can edit all your musical sequences by adding a tiny event at the end of the timeline that turns everything on. I should have added: if you create a small sequence to do that, you need to edit your show to insert the sequence in between each musical sequence.
  6. It's an inflatables tip about inflatables that tip!
  7. Aw, snap! My total load is 30 amps, all on. But since I don't run all the channels simultaneously I can't figure out how to estimate my peak load per channel group, outside of renting a high speed data logging power meter
  8. Can S3 tell me the percent of the time each channel in a track is energized, or the amount of time each channel is energized for in a sequence? Also, can S3 produce a report that tells me which tracks are on at any given moment? Using the known loads on each channel, I'm trying to calculate the power consumption per sequence which requires the cumulative "on" times per channel, and I am trying to calculate my peak load which means I need to know every combination of energized channels are in a sequence. It would really be cool, if S3 allowed us to enter the loads per channel in the channel
  9. IIRC, channels 1-8 sum cannot exceed 15A and channels 9-16 sum cannot exceed 15A. And each sum is for the total energized. So if I'm correct, you could put more than 15A on each side of the controller so long as you don't energize more than 15A at a time.
  10. Currently 10000 incandescent. No LED. All sequences cut from whole cloth specifically for my yard. No "standard" sequences.
  11. Is there a "Majic 107.5?" I'm putting my chips on that one.
  12. Couldn't they tent the attached equipment too? It could help if you had termites in any wooden show items.
  13. I just buried a 24" long 2" diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe vertically which i will keep capped most of the year to prevent the open end of the pipe from filling with debris. During the lighting season, I remove the cap and use the hole to support a 5' length 1½" diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe. So 2' of that pipe sits below grade in the buried 2" pipe, but 3' remains above ground as a pole. I mounted 2 controllers to that. When the season is over, I just lift the 5' pole out of the 24" buried pipe and store it away.
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