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  1. Maplin is the RadioShack equivalent in the UK and Ireland. They should have the parts you need
  2. This is a fairly simple way to do it: How to make a letters to Santa box with trigger:
  3. You can fade with mains voltage lights. Power pack will probably not be dimmable
  4. Very nice. I'd also like to find out some more technical details
  5. Dmoore any chance of shipping outside the US?
  6. If you have electronics skills you can remove the multifunction controller. That still doesn't remove the transformer however which will be fried if you try and dim that.
  7. Yes. It is very tricky to find lights that work. Lights from big box stores over here get fried the moment you hook them up to the controller. A tried and tested company is http://festive-lights.com but you will pay a premium for their lights. I said it on another thread yesterday if I was starting over I would go straight to low voltage RGB lights which are much more reasonably priced.
  8. You have pointed to lights that run on 110v the voltage system here in Europe is 240v. Those lights will not work over here. Here in Europe it is very hard to find lights that work with LOR controllers. Most lights will have multifunction controllers and transformers. These will not dim although you can do on/off (many also feature a delay when turned in so they cannot be synchronised). You will find lights that work but at a high price. Unfortunately that's the way things are...
  9. Festive Lights has a trade discount deal with LOR Users UK. I've been doing this for several years now and in hindsight I would have started and gone straight to RGB lights (the low voltage stuff). It was only taking off when I started however. Many people also just buy 110v lights and run the controller off a transformer.
  10. There's plenty of LightORama users in Europe. We're currently focused mainly in Ireland, the UK and France however there are others further North and East. We don't have a forum ourselves (yet!) but we have a very active Facebook group called LOR Users UK. I'm not as active here as I used to be but we'll help you out on the group if you join.
  11. That's probably what they're talking about when they say they're unsafe.
  12. I think I saw somebody disassembling one of these floods on YouTube and he found that while there was a ground wire, it wasn't connected to anything.
  13. One lightorama controller in case is about $80. So I think that Hong Kong is my best bet. Any savings would be gone. Thanks for the offer though, that's very nice of you.
  14. Thanks. There'll still be a bit of a wait for me if I order since they'll have to cross the Atlantic.
  15. Where did you get these? Ray Wu? Paul Zhang? eBay?
  16. Can we get a screenshot of what you're describing?
  17. Kevin. SpEx is now back (in Beta). You can get it at http://itsmebob.com/Christmas/2013/SpEx.zip
  18. Start by reading this thread over on DIY Christmas:http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?21547-Projection-Mapping-Resources
  19. I would recommend sending this to wishlist@lightorama.com.
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