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  1. Has anyone ever sequenced this song by Carnie and Wendy Wilson if so may i please have a copy send to rdlee64@comcast.net Thank You Rodney
  2. James i would love a copy and this is for my personal use and will not be shared or sold to anyone and thanks to you and the Gentlemen who created it. also my system is led minis only if that helps Thank You Rodney Lee rdlee64@comcast.net
  3. My tear down date is New Years Day weather permitting Thank the Lord it didn't rain and my display is down and stored away.
  4. Merry Christmas to All from Orange Park, Fl PS. Hey Kapkirk Did you survive that STORM last night it did severe damage to my display
  5. Yeah my Gremlins hit me Tuesday night the Thieving kind stole a penquin i've had for about 10 years the reason i liked him was because it had this angry looking face. I'm gonna miss him😂
  6. I had this same problem you have to hookup director with a separate power supply the computer does not supply power to the unit that's why you can't find it. It's not coming on
  7. I made it, worked my butt off today will go operational tonight
  8. Well if i can finish tomorrow and run final tests Friday i should be operational black Friday night
  9. I only have one word RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's Florida for you.
  10. Same here people blowing horns , stopping by to talk , asking question and all of the Thank You's for doing my display. It makes it all worth it including being rained on almost every DAY which put me way behind. That's sunny Florida for you
  11. well i started two weeks ago and so far i only have my mega tree up, THIS Rain is killing me. I am so far behind and now i hear tropical storm ETA is heading straight for us in Clay County , so it looks like more delays i hope i get my show finished by Black Friday.
  12. Well i hate to differ wiith you Gentlemen, but i use LED C9 strobes in my mega tree which fades from 10% to 100% and the strobes have worked fine for about the past 6 years never have to replace a single one the all the originals i purchased that long ago
  13. to answer your question steel weld or JB weld will work but make sure it is the 2 mix hand mixed epoxy it is not liguid it is like a thick paste it will work i have used it on some of my own wireframes .
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