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  1. Well i hate to differ wiith you Gentlemen, but i use LED C9 strobes in my mega tree which fades from 10% to 100% and the strobes have worked fine for about the past 6 years never have to replace a single one the all the originals i purchased that long ago
  2. to answer your question steel weld or JB weld will work but make sure it is the 2 mix hand mixed epoxy it is not liguid it is like a thick paste it will work i have used it on some of my own wireframes .
  3. I agree with you all BACK UP BACK UP and Back up mine are stored on my C drive then backed up on an external 4 Tera hard drive and two 1 tera flash drives, plenty of places for redundancy .
  4. Look on the Forums for a man named Earle Tally in Ocala FL he had the best ever seen spiral trees. he will be glad to help you with the design he used.
  5. JR may i please have a copy, it is for my personal use and WILL NOT be SHARED or SOLD to anyone Thanks Rodney rdlee64@comcast.net
  6. Dibble if your still sharing i would love a copy for my personal display and please send instructions on face positions . I know yours are not the same as mine. Thank You Rodney send to rdlee64@comcast.net
  7. Check out Wowlights in California they have sequences and strobes for lightning effects.
  8. Last night is tonight, then i start breaking down this weekend rain permitting. but as like other members i do not put away wet so i'm hoping rain holds off.
  9. I have approx 100 songs on a mini director , so no chance on hearing the same song twice
  10. Don't worry about formatting already been done , i just hate to rewrite sd card to add one song i have close to 100 sequences on it.
  11. I know this question has probably been asked many times, but here goes is there a way to read an SD card in HU under the MP3 tab so you can change the program so you don't have to rewrite the whole show. Thanks Rodney
  12. After 2 days of very hard work the display is operational , only some minor bugs to work out , but i will make Black Friday deadline
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