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  1. Hi Bob, thanks for confirmation that having it set at 100 is what I need to do. My original concern was that is this in someway going to affect my ports only utilizing 50. I still wonder why by default they are just not set at the 100 or 170 since that setting only relates to HU and doesn't extend to anything in SE or elsewhere. I wondered if it somehow forced the controller to "look" for data for 100 pixels every cycle and therefore making it work harder than it needed.
  2. I have a number of pixies from different gens but this one in particular is a v4 with 1.06. Even with 1.06 I don't see any place to set pixel count by port only by device in HU. I am just wondering what are the effects of changing this setting? Obliviously, if I leave it as 50 I cannot control 100 on a particular port. If the controller can handle up to 170 why is it not by default just set at something higher than 50?
  3. In the past I have always used a separate port for every string (so 50 pixels max). I now have a couple items where I will be running 100 pixels off a single port. Since the pixie config section of the hardware utility only lets you set the number of pixels on a device-wide basis, rather than port by port, is there some downside to me setting it to 100 (since only a couple ports would have 100, the rest are still 50?)
  4. Thanks for the responses. I never realized you could let the software do the scaling. I thought I had tried that once but didn't get the results I was expecting. However I tried importing one or two samples today with better results.
  5. I wanted to add some picture motion effects on my mega tree (20 stings of 50.) Software suggestions for creating the images? I tried creating some images on www.pixilart.com. I created 20x50 pixel images but when I load them into the motion effects editor the preview looks similar but not exactly like the image I imported. For example, I created a very simple flag image that is basically 3 different colored bands. My source file looks ok but when I import into the motion effects editor, some pixels appear to have been shaded and I they don't appear to be the same distinct 3 color bands.
  6. I am just in the process of converting to S5 and that is something I am loving about it. In S4 I had some sequences that I did using the pixel editor and a couple that I did at the pixel level but I was always disappointing that you couldn't use both. With S5 that is no longer an issue.
  7. It makes sense now. So you can apply more than one effect at the same time to the same group of pixels however each individual pixel can obviously only be doing one that at a time. I think my initial test didn't lend itself well to seeing the effect. I tried again by having snow effect falling into fire (similar to your picture) and it was obvious. Thanks for the great example and pic.
  8. I have used S4 for years and just loaded S5 this week and am trying to get my head around some of the features. For a prop you can have multiple motion effects rows. What would be the purpose of this? Would you only do this if you were assigning the rows to relate to different sections of a particular prop? For example you have a matrix prop and you assign one motion row to the border and another row to the more inner pixels where you are running text. Is there a reason you would have multiple motion effects rows relating to the same pixels? Based on some quick testing, if you have t
  9. I tried that but I got the error "Cant show non-modal form when modal form is displayed." In the end I opened the file in a text editor, copied the contents and then pasted it into a new file. It seems to be working ok now. Thanks for the offer of help! I will definitely ensure I have more backs created now...
  10. Just tried opening one of my Halloween sequences to do some tweaking and I keep getting the message "Invalid document structure". Anyone had this? Solutions? I assume that some part of the file became corrupted as all my other files open fine. Anyone know what type of data container LOR3 uses? Hoping I can open it up to repair it otherwise I guess I'm doing some last minute sequencing before the 31st...
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