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  1. Wow to request this one is for me. Old enough to remember this.... alanvankirk at q.com Thanks again
  2. I you could email a copy to alanvankirk at q.com my 21 year old daughter has requested baby shark thank you!
  3. James when you have time, please shot a copy off to alanvankirk@q.com Thanks...
  4. Going to bump this just one. Thanks
  5. Daughter wants to do a crime scene for Halloween, with the police tape, body outline etc (she is a criminology major at ASU) Does any one have Bad Boys by Inner Circle for 16 or 32 channels actually any set up I can dumb it down to 32 Channels. Please e-mail it to alanvankirk at Q.com Thanks in Advance.
  6. I know this is an old thread, but if it is still available could you send a copy to alanvankirk at q.com. thanks...
  7. James when you get a chance send a copy to alanvankirk at q.comThank you...
  8. James when you get time... Thank you... alanvankirk@q.com
  9. Mega Arch next time you get a chance please send a capy to alanvankirk@q.com Thanks!
  10. James I allready owe you a million so what is 1 more. If you could send Ghost Riders to alanvankirk@q.com I would appreciate it. Saw this done at a place called Rawhide in North Scottsdale many years ago on Halloween night. I loved this song every since then.
  11. Mr. Morris let me be the first to request your Alice Cooper Sequences. He lives here in Phoenix maybe he will get to see them sometime. Thanks for all your hard work. alanvankirk@q.com
  12. I had the same issue last night, Did a video of Spiralings Do you hear what I hear. Sent in the fair use and it was denied. You can hear traffic and me muffling the camera around. I hardly think it would impact the group other than once some one see's my video they would want a high quality version of the music. Now the whole account with 4 other videos is locked. When it unlocks i'm deleting video's and Vimeo account. I'll keep my you tube account.It's good for looking up video's on garbage disposal replacements....
  13. Old Sarge thanks for sharing. If you could send Do you want to build a snow man I can edit it down and use it with my 16 channel show. Thanks... alanvankirk@q.com
  14. Well his profile shows he is 17 young and maybe has a few things to learn? Glad he has LOR as a hobbie and not something else. Looks like he was asking for paid for sequences (BAD). But he might just have been showing his set up. I will share a couple of sequences I've made/modified. Hopefully he will scan thru post like I did a couple years back and learn how to look at the file length and purchase the correct music for the files etc. And bye the way Mega Arch. Excellent link for a newbie to get started....
  15. James when you get around to your E-mail please copy it to me as well. As always thanks for the hard work. alanvankirk@q.com
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