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  1. Wow to request this one is for me. Old enough to remember this.... alanvankirk at q.com Thanks again
  2. I you could email a copy to alanvankirk at q.com my 21 year old daughter has requested baby shark thank you!
  3. James when you have time, please shot a copy off to alanvankirk@q.com Thanks...
  4. Going to bump this just one. Thanks
  5. Daughter wants to do a crime scene for Halloween, with the police tape, body outline etc (she is a criminology major at ASU) Does any one have Bad Boys by Inner Circle for 16 or 32 channels actually any set up I can dumb it down to 32 Channels. Please e-mail it to alanvankirk at Q.com Thanks in Advance.
  6. I know this is an old thread, but if it is still available could you send a copy to alanvankirk at q.com. thanks...
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